Saturday, January 6, 2007

The Best!

Today, I am SHOUTING out how wonderful my critique partners are!

I sent the pour things a novella to crit needing it back asap and both these beautiful ladies gave me a twenty-four hour turn around!

So to Johanna and Jane....

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  1. I know what you mean. My critique partners often get my panicked "OMG, I have this totally unreasonable self deadline! Please help." At least your deadline was REAL. LOL.
    Good for them. I can't wait to read your sub that you're sending to Dayna.

  2. You've been so great helping me in my writing, I am happy to return the favor.

  3. I found you!

    It's wonderful that they could do that.

  4. Lovely new blog, Stacy!

    And a huge shout out to your crit partners too! lol

  5. Hey, it's a pleasure... especially when you make the heroes so delectable. Please teach me how to do that!

    Jane xxx