Friday, January 19, 2007

Crash, Bang, Boom

That's what my ms sounds like right now. It was going good then I came to a stutter...then a stop.
After a day of trying to figure out why all of a sudden it wasn't going the way I wanted, I sort of figured it out. Kinda like when you have a room you want to renovate but not sure how or where to begin.

So, like every not-so-good do-it-yourselfer, I shrugged my shoulders, hauled out the power tools and started renovations on my story. Hmmm, which wall should come down next?
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  1. I can sooooooo relate to this. For me it's a part of the process. It usually happens towards the middle and at the moment the twist comes. I love the analogy too. I face my home renovations with the same trepidation I tear into a wip. "What if I mess up the plumbing? Or the electricity?"
    Once, I was hedging by an outside wall and took out the cable.
    NOT very hand at all.

  2. Very cute analogy.

    I had the best writing day yesterday!! I hope I can carry it through today too.

  3. You know, you're the fifth person (including myself) who's having problems with the writing at the moment. Makes me feel a little bit better.

    I'm a carpenters daughter, I should know all about bringing down walls. *gg*