Friday, January 19, 2007

The Dreaded Synopsis? Nuh-uh, I've got one better...

The dreaded Resume!

Ugh, ick, yuck, bleck!

Seriously, give me a synopsis any day.

Of course it doesn't help that I've been out of the workforce for six years. Yet, it is amazing how much I can include with voluntary work etc.

I would still much prefer a job I could do from home....typing, transcription, assembly, whatever but, unfortunately, I've yet to find a legit one. The scam jobs on the internet are ENORMOUS! Talk about frustrating.


  1. Oh no, you're entering the workforce again? Yuck! LOL. Good luck on your resume. I am really good at doing resumes, so let me know if you need any help.

  2. I've always wondered about those internet jobs that say things like, "Work from home and make $5000 a week." and I can't help but think: work from home, part-time, and that kind of money? Are we talking about the world's oldest profession?

    Good luck with the job search. You'll get a position, no problem.

    But resumes are rough, aren't they? Resumes and cover letters -- eep, I'm getting hives just thinking about it!

    All good thoughts from this side of the country to yours!

  3. Wow. Good luck in your job hunt. I hope u get one soonQ

  4. Oh, poor Stacy. I hear you. Resumes are tough. You don't have the leisure to be as creative as you can with a synopsis or query letter. Good luck!

  5. I wanted to stay home so badly when I first had the girls...I spent over two years at work, searching every stay-at-home job I could find - there's nothing legit.
    Unless you have time and money to learn transcription - and hope to find a job. I sold Discovery Toys with the home parties for about 9 mos.
    It's rough. Finally resigned myself to it after 2+ years and became much more content. Hugs and best of luck!