Sunday, January 21, 2007

Oh Boy...Plug Your Ears!

Help me.

I'm off to Monster Jam in Toronto.

With a housefull of males, I didn't stand a chance not to go. They say it's a once in a lifetime have-to-do type thing. Just my luck.

If I can get through the torrentially loud noise, packed arena, women's washroom line-ups, and constant yelling by boisterous fans then I might just be surprised and enjoy myself...or at least enjoy watching the boys have fun. LOL


  1. Hope you had some fun amid all that noise, Stacy! LOL!

  2. Look at it as an opportunity to do some research and unleash your inner-male. Just scream a lot, down many, many alcoholic beverages and reassure yourself that the ringing in your ears will soon go away...

    Do let us know how it went. I've never been to a monster truck show, but I think it would be fantastic. All that metal and engines roaring, the crappy food that you eat way too much of...of course, with me, I'd probably be in the back, begging the car guys to let me drive one of the monsters over all the cars!

  3. Oh man! I wish I could go. My five year old ADORES monster trucks. And I have to admit, I love them too noise and all.
    I'm hopeless.

  4. I've been to a couple of these. They are sooooooo loud, I wished I had ear plugs. But it was kind of fun. And my oldest loved watched them...

    Hope you had fun!