Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Episode #35: And the winner is...

Only fitting that all the contestants names go into a winter toque this week. I have the older producer picking the name...

And the winner is....Brown!

Congratulations! Send me an email for the details on your prize!

Thank you all for playing and watching! Stay tuned next week for another episode of...


  1. *sniff*

    Thank you, thank you so much. I prayed and I hoped, but you just never really know.

    I'd like to thank the Academy for the nomination, all my fans for voting and the producer for choosing my name.

    I'll take some questions, now. Yes, over there, the reporter with the wide-brim hat and feather boa.

    What? Query letter?!

    Stage manager, can we get the flood lights on that woman, and the one beside her in the polka dot faux-fur coat.

    Annie & Stacy! I should have known!! Security, security - get these wicked women out of herd!! They're ruining my close-up with Mr. Deville, and reminding me of reality calling...

  2. Was going to say 'Well Done', Brown - but forget it.

  3. Oh crap, another one of those long winded acceptance speeches. I usually take a trip to the loo during those

  4. And my mother was worried that my award would go to my head...little does she know, my friends keep me so grounded I can see the seeds push through the dirt!