Monday, February 5, 2007

Episode #35

Welcome once again to another episode of ESCAPE the Mondayn here on the Sensibly Insane channel. I'm your host, Stacy Dawn, and with the chill of the past week, I could use something to get a little heat moving in my system. It's been really cold so one sexy hunk might not how about two...

Please welcome our hunky guest spinner for today, the Carlson Twins.

aHellooooo, boys!

aAnd since we're on the topic of two's...this will be a TWO DAY EPISODE while I take my musings over to Word Flirts on Tuesday.

How about you take those multiple sexy arms of yours and spin our prize wheel.

aYou got it, Stacy **said in unison with matching smiles**


aOh there now, the prize wheel landed on an evening gown...notepad that is. So now all your notes can look fab!

Okay, ready everyone?

Here's your escape:

What's her story?

aGive me two lines or give me twenty, it doesn't matter. Just open up and let yourself...


  1. The cigarette tip glowed red as Ima Meahnie took a long, slow pull of the slim white tube. Lazy tendrils of smoke curled to her domed ceiling. A smile creased her collagen-injected lips – or it would have, if not for the botox injections.

    It had all been so simple, she thought. A skinny model here, the whisper of “oh dear, is that a wrinkle on your forehead,” there. And before she knew it, infomercials, advertisements, and magazines flooded the media, trapping women into the never-ending cycle of unattainable beauty.

    Another pull of her cigarette as Ima gazed at the contrast of her honey-hued legs against the royal purple of her negligee.
    The sound of splintering wood exploded in her pinned ears, then her bedroom door crashed open. Ur Fine stood before her, bow and arrow in hand, the bodice of her white tunic hugging her curves, while the gauzy hem swirled around her forty inch waist.

    “Ima! I knew I would find you here. Your plan won’t work. I’m here to make sure of that.”

    Ima rolled on to her hands and knees – her double G breast implants didn’t allow her stand.

    “Don’t kid yourself, Ur,” She sneered. “I’ve got the women fooled. Soon, they’ll be too busy with their collegian injections, their low-carb diets to pay attention to their boyfriends and husbands. Then, the men of the world will be mine – all mine, and do all my nefarious bidding. Fetch me chocolate, take out the garbage, bring an entire channel devoted to UFC.”

    “I had hoped we could reach an amicable solution,” said Ur, “but you’ve given me no other choice.”

    She reached behind her dark-wash jeans and pulled a jar of purified water. Ur flung the liquid contents at her perfectly coiffed nemesis.

    Water rained down Ima’s cheeks, sending her into a fit of coughing.

    “What the H, E, double hockey sticks are you doing?” She sputtered.

    “Dang,” said Ur. “It worked in the Wizard of Oz. Well there’s only one option left now.”

    “What?” Ima blotted her face with the corner of her burgundy silk bed sheets. “That bow and arrow? I’ve had so many face-lifts, nips and tucks that a bullet couldn’t pierce my skin.”

    “No, not the bow and arrow. Logic!”

    “No!” Ima gasped. “Anything but logic!”

    “Common sense!” Ur strode to the king sized bed where her enemy cowered under the body pillow.

    “Go away, Ur. I’ll give you anything you want! Free surgery for a lifetime! Botox injections every two months!”

    Ur ripped the pillow away, clutched Ima by the shoulders and straddled her ten-inch waist.

    “Women, no matter if they choose plastic surgery or not, will ever be too busy for the ones they love. You know why? Because –”
    “No! Don’t say it!” Whimpered Ima, “Please Don’t Say It!”

    “Because they can MULTI-TASK!”

    “NOOOOOOO!!!!!” Ima’s skin blistered and wrinkled, her toes curled, rolling up to her knees.

    “And women are smart! They know that when it comes to the male species, a man is happy to see any woman naked and when it’s the woman that he loves, she’s perfect, a goddess in his eyes!!”


    Ur dove off the bed and took shelter behind the Louis XV armoire as the rest of Ima’s body curled and rolled in on itself. A flash of red and Ima disappeared forever.

    Ur got to her feet, dusting her hands and trying to brush the smell of Ima’s Chanel off her shirt. She flipped open her cell phone and dialled the number for the Carlson twins.

    “Hello boys,” she said. “I’m going to be a little early. What’s the plan for tonight?”

    Her eyebrows rose and a smile of pleasure kissed her lips. “A bubble bath, nine-course dinner and a massage? I’ll be right home.”

  2. Venus, while smoking an Ultra Slim, is lying on her bed contemplating the hot, humid night ahead of her. Wouldn't it be nice to have someone melting ice cubes in his hot mouth and dripping the cool liquid between her breasts and thighs sending shivers over her body!!!

  3. Ur Fine stepped into the hallway of the upscale apartments, sliding into the shadows. Her white shirt shone in the moonlight as she blended into the night.
    Killing that woman with logic was so easy, but next she had to attack one of the big ones.
    The Queen Bee of deception. Master of Education and Deportment. No one knew her title except those sent to fight her evil machinations.
    Heading across the busy city streets, she reached the upscale homes in the outskirts. She had to finish this job and get back to the twins.
    Who knew what they'd do if she wasn't there.
    Kicking in the door of a modest twelve million dollar home, she found the Queen reclined on a cream colored coach.
    "What do you want? Don't you know it's rude not to knock first?"
    "Your evil plans are over, Queen Bee. No more teaching little girls that they're no good at math." She raised her arrow, poised to end the misery of little girls everywhere.
    "You can't stop me. I'm a cultural icon. Pop stars consult me. Men pay me to do what I do." The dowdy little woman pushed her glasses back up her nose. "You'll never get away with it."
    "Enough talk." Ur let the arrow fly, hitting the woman directly in the center of her forehead. Standing over the woman's prone body, she whispered, "Little girls will know that they can be anything. Anything!"
    "Nooooooo." The woman's breath hissed.
    Striding out into the night, Ur sighed. A big dinner and some fun would be just the ticket.
    A wicked smile curved her lips. She'd win. All those who stop women from being true to themselves would go down.
    Meanwhile, she was going to go down with a couple of boys. Mmmmm.

  4. The dress is beautiful, Stacy... But I admit, I come for the eye candy :-)

    One day, my head will be straight enough to actually write something :-)

  5. Oooohhh... twins! Double the pleasure, double the fun! *evil grin*

  6. Annie said (apart from blogger won't let me in again) -
    I can't possibly compete with Ima Meahnie and Ur Fine other than to say that Ima Meahnie looks more like Ima Slag. And, Brown, where is that submission for Stacy?

  7. Anonymous Annie, the submission is like the making of a fine wine. It can't be you buy that, or am I going the right way for a smacked bottom*?

    *line ripped off from Shrek

  8. Now that Ur Fine destroyed Ima Meahnie and Queen Bee, two cruel women who demeaned women around the world, she was going to go home to Kyle and Lane (the Carlson brothers). They had a date at 8:pm, but she was 2:00 hrs. Late to their soon to be threesome. Once she got to her final destination, she sat in the car, pulled out her purse from under the passengers seat; she took out a Louis Vuitton handkerchief, and wiped the sweat of her face. She grabbed a compact and and masked her face with blush. She then pulled out a ruby red lipstick, and smeared it over her beautiful lips, soon after she glossed them with her strawberry gloss. She got out of the car, and colsed the door softly. When walking up the stairs to L-206, she put up her hair and made it look as beautiful as she could as quickly as possible. When she was finally at the door, she glanced at the peephole, to once again look at her reflection, she smiled, primped her lips, and touched her breasts admirably. Ur rang the doorbell, and she heard a loud "come in", ahe walked in and saw no one, she walked into the hallway, and saw a heart drawn on one of the doors, she entered immediatley. In there waiting for her were the Carlson twins, on the bed laying down. Kyle was in the silk sheets, Lane was above them, uncovered and bare. She slipped her dress of, turned off the lights, and went to bed!