Thursday, February 8, 2007

Pass Along Tag

I was tagged by Lee...

The rules are: Once you have been tagged you cant be re tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you chose 10 people to be tagged and list their names. Dont forget to leave a comment that says "you are tagged" on their profile and tell them to read your latest blog.

1. I love cows. I have them all over my kitchen and office--that's the picture on my desktop on my laptop--->

2. I hate housework

3. I don't drink except Cherry Brandy--never liked the taste of alcohol. My friends love that I'm the automatic DD.

4. I have one best friend taller than me and one shorter--considering my short stature, this is actually funny.

5. In my head I look like a supermodel. In reality, the mirror lies, I'm sure.

6. Though I complain about my husband's sportsaholic tendancies and the way they are rubbing off on my children--I wouldn't have it any other way.

7. I'm a stationary obsessive-compulsive shopper. The funkier the better

8. I don't like tomatoes yet I love Ketchup and eat spaghetti sauce and pizza.

9. I love having conversations about nothing...useless trivia at it's finest

10. After the first date with my husband, I called my friend and told her he was rather boring and I probably would never date him again. On the second date, I knew I was in love.

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  1. Very cool. Love the "He was boring." about your hubby. I did something very similar.

  2. I love the story about your husband - I guess the boring wore off during the second date, huh? Great story!

  3. Fun info. I'll do it in the next few days.

  4. So did you like the movie Barnyard (I think it was called?) with the male "cows"? Since I grew up on a farm, it just hit me as very funny that Hollywood would have a movie with male cows.

  5. Cute list! That's funny b/c in my head, I also look like a supermodel. I guess that's a testament to the power of parental brainwashing :-)

  6. Oh my gosh I'm the same way with tomatoes and when you think about it, it's just silly, huh? lol

    And yes, I look like a supermodel, too. Glad to see we all have the same thoughts.

  7. How cute! :) You're such a fun person!