Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Carry Over...

So, carrying over my post from Word Flirts yesterday, Happy Spring Everyone!!

And in a carry over from my blog post at Sweeter Romantic Notions Blog today and appropriate for a Wednesday...this time of year is like getting over the hump of winter where you can finally see the light of the sun. The dreariness is gone, the days are getting longer, and the feel-good fuzzy spring mood starts to set in.

Check out the Diva Bookshelf where I've been busy adding more books for you to browse through!

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  1. I love spring. Its my favorite time of year.

  2. Happy Spring. The sun in shining! Yes, I know, that's hard to believe for the Pacific Northwest but yes, it's true. Sun. My computer is beside the living room window and I'm enjoying it like a fact, my cat is laying on the window sill beside me soaking up some rays. Ahhh, it's a beautiful thing.