Monday, March 12, 2007

Episode #40

Ahoy, maties. Welcome to another gameshow Monday, which I hope I can make less mundane for you!
Quick recap of the ship's:

1) Unless otherwise stated, the game is open until Midnight PST of the Monday it is displayed upon.

2) To be eligible, contestants must continue the given escape with their answers placed in the comments section.

3) A winner will be chosen randomly from all elibible contestants to receive the prize from the current day prize wheel spin.

4) All hands are to remain over the keyboard and away from the shirtless male models

So, I think now is a good time to hoist the sails up and reveal our hunky guest spinner for today. Everyone put your hands to your forehead and give a big salute for our captain today....
Ahoy, Captain!

Mmm-mmm-mmm I do so love a man in uniform....and out of it **wink**

Maybe we should put those white gloves to good use and get you to spin our wheel. Let's find out what one, lucky, randomly selected contestant could win today.


aOoooh, looks like our sailor contestants will have a chance to get a tatoo for their tour at sea. I'll even be a good commanding officer and ship it to the winner in one of my FUN-STUFFED envelopes!

So, pull up the anchor's time to play!
Here's your escape:

What's their story?

Give me two lines or give me twenty, it doesn't matter. Just let your fingers sail over the keyboard and let yourself...

Also, there are a lot of new books on the Diva Bookshelf for you to browse through this week!


  1. "Honey, you can't make the boat go faster by jerking on the mast that way." Jenny understood that Mike was anxious to see land again but this was getting out of hand.

  2. "Hey sweetie, I don't see any boats in the distance".
    "Is it okay then to go ahead?"
    "Are you ready because I sure am"
    "You bet, I've been waiting to go skinny dipping all day. Let's do it!!"

  3. "Get down from there, Joseph." Amy pounded her foot against the boat, trying to sound as serious as she could. He only swung further out over the ocean, a wicked grin spreading across his lips. "That's not funny!"

    "Say it."


    "Say it, or I'll let go!"

    She groaned and bit her lip to prevent the growl that crept up her throat. "You're so childish."

    "That's not it," he teased, letting a few fingers go from the pole.

    "FINE!" she yelled, her heart beating a little faster. Through clenched teeth she recited the ridiculous chant. "You're the hottest man this side of the ocean. Happy now?"