Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Episode #40: And the winner is...

Sorry I'm so late posting this today. We took advantage of the beautiful weather and skipped off to the Toronto Zoo today....uh, so did EVERYBODY else LOL. It was sooooo busy because of March Break and seeing as the weather report calls for rain and snow from tonight on, everyone had our same brilliant idea. But we had a great family day!!

Okay, so we threw the names into the hat and came up with ESCAPE the Mondayn's very first double week winner! Congratulations Robyn!!

And join us again next week for another fun-filled episode of...


  1. HI Stacy! And congrats to Robyn! We had beautiful weather here today and it was strange having the kids playing outside until bedtime... summer is coming way faster then I was anticipating! :)


  2. Wow, thanks again. Thanks cole.