Wednesday, March 14, 2007

What's up?

I'm crawling out of life for a few minutes to see what's going on around me. Seriously, I've been a horrible blogging friend, have missed checking in on half the boards for the past two weeks, and am getting tired of staring blankly at the revision cave walls. I think yesterday's day off helped to loosen a bit of the stress.

So I just wanted to say...

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What have you all been up to lately??


  1. Oh I've been so busy lately too. A bad blogger, the works. I've vowed to get better. This is the first week of my vow - I'm going to keep it up, I swear (the power of positive thinking!). :)

  2. Bad blogger? I've been so bad at it that if I hadn't come by today I wouldn't know you were in the revision cave and not blogging. LOL

  3. Stacy, you're way busy, no need to be sorry for not blogging. It's good to get out of the cave now and then for some sunshine and fresh air.

  4. I think it's a contagious syndrome that is going around because I have it too!!

    It's good to read you though! Miss ya!

  5. We all need breaks sometime! It's my turn to be a bad blogger next week.

    Good luck with those revisions...

  6. Well, heck... I was a bad blogger for months! Don't even give it another thought.

  7. We do miss you around the boards and blogs Stacy but totally understand. You're a busy lady!!

  8. Aww, Stacy honey we understand. Sometimes that stress gets overwhelming though, doesn't it? Glad to see you back around, and taking a break.

  9. I've become a bad Blogger too - 'real' life getting in the way (as usual), and busy writing too.

    I guess it's all about priorities, and it's healthy for Blogger to be the least of them.

    Doesn't stop me missing everyone though...

    Sue :-)