Sunday, April 15, 2007

Calling all Authors

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As most of you know, I send out FUN-STUFFED ENVELOPES all the time during the various chats I attend--or whenever I'm in the mood to give things away (which is quite often LOL). These are filled with business cards, bookmarks, magnets, postcards, or whatever other fun stuff I can think off. Readers love them and I get great comments back from those who have received an envelope.

I LOVE to include things from fellow authors and it's time for me to restock.

So, if you want some of your stuff in my FUN-STUFFED, simply send me an email at and I'll tell you where to send them!

This is a great promo opportunity to help get your name out to more readers!!

AND just for fun. I'm going to randomly pick one name from this post's comments to send one of my FUN-STUFFED ENVELOPES to! (told ya I love to give things away!)

RockYou FunNote -


  1. I need to get on that and make some bookmarks. I got one of yours at the Emerald City Writers Conference last fall :)

  2. ok SOMEDAY I will be able to answer this call.. ;)

    Love your little notebook floating heart fun stuff pic at the bottom!

    Have a great week Stacy!

  3. Yeah, me too. I'd love to be able to send you a colorful bookmark to use but I don't have any accomplishments to put on it :( Soon though! I'm determined.

  4. I'm looking forward to winning one of your famous envelopes!

  5. Can't wait to read Wanna Make a Bet? I enjoyed reading books like yours

  6. Hello Stacy,

    What a very cool idea. I would love to win one of your envelopes filled with lots of goodies. I just love promo goodies and I collect lots of them and I do also pass them around :-)


  7. Stacy, I so wish I could, but I have nothing to promote except for my website! I don't know the release date of my book yet, as we're still in the editing process. And it would be my first publication, so nothing else to show for it. LOL Arghhh... I'm all bummed out now.

    I actually meant to ask you, how do you get all those things done? The magnets in particular are awesome. I have like 3 on my fridge. ;) The calendar is the one I like most of all.

  8. does wonders with promo stuff, I LOVE them there!

  9. HI Stacy!! I think its great you love to give stuff away! Not being rude but I'd love to get that free stuff!! I hope you have a great day and if you're going to RT have a good time and be careful! Hugs, Crystal

  10. I also love author goodies so count me in and thanks.

  11. I can't wait until I have something to contribute to your stuffed envelopes! Author goodies are the best...