Sunday, April 1, 2007

Episode #42

I'm your host, Stacy Dawn, welcome to another episode of the blogesphere's continuing gameshow here on the Sensibly Insane Channel.

And what would our gameshow be without a hunky guest spinner. So, let's see who will be discarding their shirt for us today....

**wink** Is it getting hot in here or what!

How about you take that sexy body over to the spinner and spin us a prize.


Look at that! The prize wheel landed on a gowned notebook...or I should say, a notebook resembling a gown...perhaps like one worn at Canada's Juno Awards this past weekend LOL

Okay, remember, rules are simple. All you have to do is look at the picture below and tell me their story in the comments section before 12Pm EST tonight.


Here's your escape:

What's their story?
Give me two lines or give me twenty, it doesn't matter. This is all for fun and all for you! So let your mind wander, and your hands fly over the keyboard and let yourself...


  1. "Let's try this again," Colin said. "Press the tip of your finger on the fret and not too far back."

    "I can't do this, I give up," she said as she lowered the guitar. What had convinced her to take these lessons anyway?

    Oh yeah. Colin. Just to be near him made her feel as if she were riding high on a cloud, about to fall, her heart racing ahead of her. The stubble on his cheeks, the sparkle in his grassy green eyes.

    No wonder she couldn't get the guitar playing down. She was too busy noticing him. She'd need to hire an unattractive man if she were ever going to learn.

    "Come on, let's try it again."

  2. "My guitar's bigger than your guitar...and I can prove it."

  3. "Here darling, let me show you how to play my instrument."

    He handed her the Schwin guitar. Her hands hugged the smooth curves like old friends, the cool wood warmed under her touch. Then he knelt behind her, embracing both her and the guitar.

    "Now," he continued. "You'll want to cradle it against your leg, let the hollows hug your thigh. Yes, just like that. Okay, playing a guitar is every bit the art form. Stroke it lightly, but firmly. I know it feels hard and heavy, but the right touch, and you can make it sing."

    His warm breath fanned her cheek, the scent of his mint-flavoured gum spiced the air around them.

    "Touch it like a lover, hold it like a soul-mate."

    She dropped the guitar, turned around and did exactly what he said.

    Nine months later, the triplets made their entrance.

    LOL, eh, it's better than:

    "Hey pretty lady, wanna hold my big, hard instrument? Touch it just right, and it'll make music for you."

    Thanks Stacy, I've now officially escaped both the mundane, and any sense of propriety.