Monday, April 9, 2007

Rested and Ready to Go

I did something very unusual these past few days....I took the weekend off--no working, no writing, no nothin'!

It was weird LOL. I often found myself floating like the cow up there, not quite sure what to do and with my hands itching to get to the keyboard but I forced myself to ignored it.

The holiday was a perfect excuse not to feel guilty about saying No and leaving everything until Monday. We had some great family time Friday and Saturday and then my husband (who also had his first weekend off in ages) caught up on ALL the sporting events happening yesterday to the thrill of his sports-aholic children LOL. It was really good. Of course I come back on to a ton of stuff to do but you know, my head feels clear and I'm smiling taking it one at a time. The piles are more managable. I really must do this more often LOL.

So, what did you all do this past weekend?


  1. Saturday I cleaned the house in preparation for Easter...should'a known better than to try and clean ahead of time because I have four children in the house. I no sooner had it all cleaned up then I had to start over from the beginning and do it all over again on Sunday morning.

    We went to my sis-in-laws for an egg hunt but had to hurry back home because I had two hams in the oven. My hubby had invited just about everyone he knows to have Easter dinner with us so we had a full house yesterday afternoon. It was nice though. I enjoyed it. I especially love getting compliments on my food from bachelors- they make my food sound like it was prepared by a gourmet chef.

    The evening was quiet and we actually got to bed early last night. Now it's raining and gray out and that makes me feel like going back to bed.

  2. So glad you took time off, Stacy!

    We had a good Fri/Sat with my parents in town -- they don't come down often, so it's actually a little awkward, but still nice.

    And, they took my girls home with them for a couple of days so ALL day Sunday I slept just about! Can't beat that! :)

  3. Sounds great! We went to our first arena football game and had fun with the family. Now it's back to work :o(

  4. Saturday we went to my husband's ex-wife's house for a birthday party. Weird, right? But we actually get along okay.

    Sunday was "date night" all day. We went out to breakfast at the Cracker Barrel. I love, love, love the hash brown casserole. Then we drove down to Cape May and took a tour of the town. And we ended in Atlantic City for dinner.

    It was a great weekend.

  5. Playing with fairies. See blog for photos. :-)

    Good for you taking a weekend off. You really need that some times.

  6. Good for you, Stacy! Even machines must have some down time to work properly. We don't celebrate Easter, but had some good family time anyway.

  7. I can't decide if I really like those kinds of breaks or not. I keep thinking I would if I ever got caught up but that I am begining to believe is a ridiculous notion -- I'm always starting something new before I've even finished the last project and by the time I finally finish that first one,,, I'm so embroiled in the next.... :) But sometimes I've been forced to have those breaks too. :) Glad yours worked so well! Have a great week!

  8. Ah I relaxed too, had family over, etc. Took the week off from blogging, ha ha. Glad to see you back and that you had a good time doing nothing!