Saturday, May 26, 2007

And so it Begins...

Yes, I have now stepped foot through the 'sports mom' door. Funny how it is the hubby's idea to sign them up for these, yet it is the wife who plays taxi service LOL.
My oldest starts softball next week. He already met his coach and got his uniform....
...doesn't he look cute! Funny thing is that his team is called the Canaries and during bowling this past winter, his team was also called the Canaries LOL.
Then the Legion held a town parade to open the 'summer sports season'. Here are the boys walking with all the various teams, parents, coaches and officials down mainstreet. They had the Legion Pipe band leading us and bringing up the rear was a fire engine. Everytime the horns went off, the boys jumped LOL. But it was a lot of fun and I am soooo counting it as exercise today because it was a fair walk from the Legion to the beachfront and of course we had to walk back to the Legion to get the car afterwards LOL.


  1. Adorable! Good luck playing sports mom! :) The kids are going to love it.

  2. Oh my gosh! Your boys are so beyond cute it shouldn't be legal to be that cute! It looks like they're having a ball!

  3. Aw they are so cute! Have fun being a sports mom. My son was in soccer for a few years. All I can say is...I'm glad it's over.

    But I have two more getting older so my time will come again very soon.

  4. Awww... your kids look so cute in their uniforms. Heh!

  5. Great photos, Stacy!

    My son is finishing up his baseball season within the next two weeks.

    It does keep us busy.

  6. Oh I love this post! I didn't ever want a van... that meant soccer mom! But with three boys... I don't care what your driving... your a soccer mom, baseball mom, football mom... Ah heck, I'm a taxi driver! ;-)


  7. I swear, Dh keeps signing up our girls for sports (and even volunteered to coach!) and doesn't understand my lack of interest in sun and sweat and baseballs being thrown at me when I'd rather be in bed on a Saturday morning!

    I'm keeping the girls in ballet next year on principal (and they like it better than T-ball, too.).

  8. I love playing softball. I look forward to it every Sunday now that the season has started! Hope your son enjoys it just as much.

  9. OMG! They are so adorable! Have fun as a sports mom. My time with that is almost up.