Friday, May 11, 2007

Ask me...

Go on...ask me what I did this morning?

For the first time this spring, I took a book out onto the porch, sat out in the sunshine and simply read. Best of all, it's a good book. Don't Look Down by Crusie/Mayer. Loving it! (Yes, I'm slow, I've just gotten into the Crusie fad LOL)

Looks like I wasn't the only one enjoying the sunshine ROFL....

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  1. Oh good lord that pic is hilarious! It's been blazing hot here - in the 90s. Ugh.

  2. LOL. Great pic. I'm with Karen. Its way too hot here.

  3. LOL That is awesome!!!!


  4. Yea this weather has been something else. Cold, warm, beautiful, oppressive all in a week's time. Glad you got a good day and grabbed it by the ears. :D

    Btw, that picture is just CREEPY. lol

  5. Jenny Crusie is the bomb... My favorite book of hers was "Getting Rid of Bradley" followed closely by "Bet Me".

    Hope you're enjoying the lovely weather (at least as much as the cats did...LOL).

  6. I'm a sun loving girl. The warmer it is, the happier I am. Give me 90-100 and I'm over the moon with joy. Unfortunately here on the island, days that warm are few and far between.

    Love the pic, that's hillarious.