Saturday, May 12, 2007

Squeeeeee 5 ANGELS!!

OMG OMG OMG. I was on Romance Divas and someone had put up a review for their book and mentioned that they didn't even know about it and only found it because they had googled themself. So, for fun, I googled myself and guess what?

Yep, found an AWESOME review that I didn't even know existed for my short story, Cheatin' Hearts.

Cheatin’ Hearts

5 Angels!! From Fallen Angel Reviews

Stacy Dawn had me laughing and completely drawn into Cheatin’ Hearts at the first page. Quite a feat when you consider the story is told in eleven pages. The author has taken what could have been a predicable night looking for love and delivered a romance with refreshing wit. Readers are brought into Cara’s plight immediately. Cara can’t believe she let her sister talk her into coming to a bar. Just because her sister found a man doesn’t mean any good ones are left.

Ms. Dawn’s usage of fresh dialogue really keeps this story light and funny as readers learn Cara has plenty of experience with losers and liars. When a Stetson is placed on her head, she doesn’t know whether to roll her eyes or hope it might belong to a man who might just be worth a second date. Her decision to find out just where the Stetson came from is sure to strike a humorous chord with any reader. If you are looking for a light, quick romance, Cheatin’ Hearts fits the bill. This is my first exposure to Stacy Dawn’s writing, but if this in indicative of the entertainment to be had from her work; I will definitely be looking for more.

Reviewed at Fallen Angel Reviews by: Amanda S.

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Available from The Wild Rose Press


  1. What a wonderful review! Congrats!

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