Monday, July 16, 2007

Somethin's Brewing

Oh boy, got some very interesting news on the weekend. 'Course don't have too many details just yet or that I want to leak at the moment but let's just say something is brewing!

myspace layouts, myspace codes, glitter graphics And it's gonna be really cool!

What I can tell you is that my next short story comes releases on WEDNESDAY! As bad a blogger as I've been lately, I figured I'd put this up now LOL. Now, you want a hero naked in a tub then here's your story LOL...

Standoff at the Waterin’ Horse Saloon

Bridget Schneider has a few things to say to the cowboy who stole her heart over a year ago and never came back. Sneaking into the Waterin’ Horse Saloon to confront him, the last thing she expects to find is Jonas Decker immersed in a bathtub in all his God-given glory. Her righteous indignation evaporates in the steam and heat of his naked chest and flirtatious smile—but she’s not about to let her anger be hog-tied by sudden...distractions. Jonas might’ve stolen her heart, but she’s sure as shootin’ gonna get her pride back.

Available July 18th from The Wild Rose Press


  1. Ya know really have a knack for leaving us wanting more! I can't wait to hear what news you have.

  2. What? What?! Okay, the suspense is killing me. Oh, congrats on today's release! Woohoo!

  3. Lord, but you're a tease. I should charge you a chocolate fine for every time you do that to me!

    What's brewing (other than your coffee)?

    Tell. Now. :P

    Alright, off to join Jonas in the tub--there's a spot in the middle of his back that he just can't reach, and you know me, always happy to lend a "hand."


  4. I would never be able to pay your fee, Tash--I don't think there's enough chocolate in the world to keep you happy LOLOL.