Monday, August 6, 2007


Welcome to the Sensibly Insane Channel's August editon of ESCAPE the Mondayn. I'm your hostess, Stacy Dawn, and couldn't be happier to be bringing you another episode!

I'd also like to invite you to join me at Princesses of the Pen : A group of authors whose tiaras are a little crooked as is our outlook on writing, love, and life. I'll be blogging there every Monday--starting today!

What's that? The sound of hooves? Hmmm, must be our guest spinner arriving. Please give a warm (or rather heated) round of applause for our sexy mystery spinner. Can you blame me, ladies, when I come across a scrumptious delight as this? Every woman's fantasy come to life.

**fans herself** I best get on with the gameshow before I swoon.

Please great sir, can you break from your quest, dismount your fine steed and spin our prize wheel for the maidens in the audience.


The spinner landed on a golden treasure trove! A golden package filled with treasures and delivered to the beautiful maiden who wins this episode's escape. (Sorry though, delivered not by our hero but by a regular postal worker--some things must stay fantasy you know *wink*)

A special secondary gift of a FUN-STUFFED ENVELOPE goes to the first person who participates AND can tell me the true name of our mystery prince!

And now for your escape:

You are taking your regular evening jog. The burn in your chest and wind in your hair helping to settle the busy day you've had. Without warning you are jarred from behind, sending you tumbling down a rocky embankment. When the pain in your head settles and your eyes squeak open, there, kneeling beside you is.....

Give me two lines or give me twenty, it doesn't matter but let yourself escape and continue your story! Are you here, are you there, are you a thousand years ahead or a thousand years behind? Close your eyes to the mundane day your having and let yourself....

This will be a TWO DAY event this month and I'll post the Winner on Wednesday!

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  1. David(Robert James) Beckham

  2. Matthew McConaughey with his big Great Dane puppy dog. It was actually the dog that knocked me over but it wasn't intentional...or was it? Did the puppy know that his owner needed a pretty new someone in his life?

    Ahh, the stuff dreams are made of.

  3. Wow, swipe in there with the right prince RL!! Email me for your fun-stuff!!

  4. kneeling beside me is our evil stepmother, Miss E. She's read my first chapter, taken note of the grammar and plot problems. After making the corrections, she's turned that blasted wand on me.

    See the fire that the prince is protecting himself from? That's from her breath. She's a mean one.
    Knocked him to the ground, no problem.

    Luckily, we princesses of the pen are skilled in many arts. I grabbed the prince and rode we'll just spend the day doing research so I don't get Miss E's wand turned on me again.

    Lol, can you tell I'm low on sleep?

  5. David Beckham can be my prince any time! He looks sooo good in that pic. Hehehe!

  6. Ooh, you used Prince Philip from Sleeping Beauty! **Swoon**

    See, I knew you loved Chainsaw Jo! I just knew it.

  7. How could we not love the cute little princess with the big honkin' chainsaw?

  8. Let's see if it works this time; I'm the rl b/c for some strange reason I have to sign up for Blogger every time I want to make a comment or else I have to go anonymous and put my initials or name. Go figure. Thanks.