Monday, August 20, 2007

It's Halloween!

We visited a friend's trailer this weekend and the park had a special day for all the kids...Halloween! It was so much fun! They all dressed up and did crafts then went trick-or-treating around the park.

Here they are in their costumes... you can see, the people at the park went all out in the decorating too. Now, for kids who are used to ten houses at Halloween, this was a real TREAT!!

Oh, and see my big baseball player there? I'll just brag for a minute and tell you he got the MVP award for his baseball team this year...can you say proud mama LOL!


  1. Hey! Congrats to your little guy. I say make up a bumper sticker, put it on your car (and the cars of all your neighbors)!

  2. I've always felt that Halloween should come twice per year.

    The kiddos look adorable!

  3. Really? I thought Halloween was September??? Doh!