Thursday, August 23, 2007

Take me out to the Ballgame....

My husband is on holidays so we had a family fun day at the Toronto

Blue Jays game yesterday. It's extra cool for the boys because we drive half way then take the Go-Train for the second half of the trip. The Rogers Center is right beside the CN Tower and this is a shot from inside with the dome open.

Here are my baseball fans complete with their team hats and shirts.

Inside the center they have a fun zone area for the kids with a little playground, a simulated batting and pitching cage and a big carpet marked out with the bases. This is the boys running the rug.
The game was fun and we had pretty good seats in general to see everything. My oldest is a die hard fan and sits without moving while scoring the game with his Dad. He's been to a few games but this was my youngest's first. I figured after the first pitch of the game when he said can we go back to the fun zone, he wasn't going to be too into the game. After the third pitch when he said, "You promised if I got bored we could go for a walk" that this would probably be his last game for the season too LOL. So I took him out to play more, we had a long walk, came back and about two innings later this was my baby boy....
Isn't he adorable!
They were really good boys though and after the game kids were allowed to go down on the field and run the real bases. Now that, was cool for them.

All in all we had a great time and lots of fun.


  1. Aw they look like they had so much fun!!! Too cool!

    Thanks for sharing the pics. ;)

  2. Great pics, Dawn! Seems like you all had loads of fun. :)

  3. Aww, so much fun! Thanks for sharing