Saturday, September 1, 2007


Had some great reviews come into my inbox this weekend!!

Standoff at the Waterin' Horse Saloon
5 Angels from Fallen Angel Reviews!
Standoff at the Waterin’ Horse Saloon is laugh-out-loud funny and perfectly romantic. I smiled from the first word until the last. Bridget Schneider is a woman who doesn’t take lightly to having her affections played with. She learns that the man she loves, Jonas Decker, is at the Waterin’ Horse Saloon. Making friends with one of the girls who works in the saloon has gotten her inside the establishment. She storms into the private room where Jonas is to find him completely naked in the bathtub. With steely determination Bridget doesn’t let his unclothed state deter her from what she’s come to do—give him a piece of her mind for leaving her the way he did.
I loved this short story. Stacy Dawn had me laughing from start to finish, and my only complaint is that this isn’t longer. I’d love to see what happens next between Bridget and Jonas. She’s a spirited woman who knows her own mind. He’s so darn handsome, even with his six-shooter off his hip that I would love to see these two after they leave the saloon. This is a charming slice of life that I know I’ll read again. Lively characters, vivid images and an amusing plot all make Standoff at the Waterin’ Horse Saloon a great read.
~Reviewed by: Marlene, Fallen Angel Reviewer

Wanna Make a Bet?

“Stacy Dawn, a master of short stories, has expanded her talent to create a sexier-than-sin hero and a sassy heroine in Wanna Make A Bet?. I was captivated from the first page, drawn into the roller-coaster ride of Jay and Sophie's romance, breathless from the first touch of Jay's hand. This story is guaranteed to put a smile on your face and in your heart.”
~Johanna Riley, author


  1. G-R-E-A-T reviews!! Congratulations, Stacy!!

  2. Congrats Stacy! Wonderful reviews. :)

  3. I loved "Wanna Make a Bet" and am anxiously awaiting its paper release (God! Tell me I didn't miss it). Then I'm sending it to you for an authograph!