Monday, October 8, 2007

Rolling in..

Oh man, I am soooooo stuffed, even this morning. Being our Thanksgiving, I went the distance and did the whole dinner thing. My hubby's not a fan of turkey so I cooked up a big chicken, potatoes, peas, stuffing and we had fresh buns and pickles and apple pie and pumpkin pie too. Don't laugh but I made my first batch of mashed potatoes ever LOL. Again, hubby prefers roasted but my children are just starting to eat mashed so I made both....did pretty good too LOL.

But I am stuffed....and it's Monday. The good part of today is that it's a holiday...the bad part is that I have a house in dire need of cleaning, a story in dire need of finishing, and edits to boot and this is how I feel LOL....

Hope all my fellow Canadians had a great Thanksgiving and for out of countriers...hope you have a great week!


  1. My kids liked your cartoon... :-)

    And your meal sounds yummy!!!


  2. Happy to hear you enjoyed the day! BTW, Happy belated Thanksgiving! :)

  3. Yummy, I could live on mashed potatoes...

  4. Happy Thanksgiving. Food sounds tempting. I always work extra hard to lose a couple pounds before Thanksgiving so I can indulge - then I feel like a pig when I do indulge!