Monday, December 3, 2007

Winter is definitely here

I remember most of last year before Christmas was as green as the spring here....very unusual. A green Christmas is as unusual up here as a white Christmas is in California.

This year however, winter is coming in with a vengence. This is the second 'ice day' the kids have had off school (like a snow day but freezing rain instead). This after a minor blizzard yesterday. I like the snow, it can be fun but the freezing rain and ice I can do without.

Still, we did get to go sledding yesterday down our big hill in front of our house. And, since the kids are home from school today, we can dive into the Christmas boxes hubby brought down yesterday and decorate the house for the holidays!


  1. We're having a green Christmas too. The temps have been unusually warm. Have fun with the decorating.

  2. Winter is definitely here in PA. We have a covering of snow and it's in the twenties. Brrrr.

    Stay warm and safe!