Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Wanna Hear My Good News Now??

I can FINALLY tell you. Believe me it's been tough holding this one in!

I've been asked to join the editing team at The Wild Rose Press! myspace layouts, myspace codes, glitter graphicsI am now an editor with the Yellow Rose Line--contemporary cowboys **wink** oh yeah, she's grinning

An editor! Talk about a dream come true!

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Doing the Happy Dance!

I Need a Place to Live

Okay, actually I don't need a place to live, my characters do.

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I'm looking for a city where a popular woman's magazine offices could be (not necessarily a national type magazine but very popular in the area it is published in type thing). I don't really know what I'm looking for yet soooooo I was hoping you all could help.

I'd like to hear what you suggest, but not only the name of the city or town. I also want to hear about it--what makes it great? Where are some good spots to place two characters having a heart to heart conversation or a fun time within your city? Why would they want to live there? Just enough details to get me interested. I'm looking for anywhere in the United States or Canada.

Leave your ideas here in the comments....


If I choose your suggestion and use it in my current novella, not only will I send you a special thank you gift, but I will also thank you on the dedication page should the story be picked up for publication.


Take a browse through The Diva Bookshelf....I added more yesterday!

Check out who won yesterday's episode of ESCAPE the Mondayn below!

Episode #34: And the winner is....

All the contestant names were thrown into the red fireman's hat and the youngest producer picked out the name.

And the winner is....Jodi!

Congratulations! Send me an email to claim your prize!

Once again, thank you to all the contestants and views alike! I'll see again next Monday for another wild episode of...

Monday, January 29, 2007

Episode #34

Welcome to another episode of the blogesphere's continuing gameshow here on the Sensibly Insane Channel. I'm your host, Stacy Dawn, and I'm having a party today to celebrate the release of my novella, The Apple of His Eye, from Forbidden Publications. Today is the DAY!! (The party continues at the Forbidden Publications Chat room tonight at 9PM EST where I and a number of the other Valentine's Day authors will be celebrating.)

So, I thought I'd grab myself a little apple-of-my-eye-candy for today's hunky spinner. What do you think? **wink** Is it getting hot in here or what!

How about you take that sexy body over to the spinner and spin us a prize.


Look at that! The prize wheel landed on a thong...as in a thong keychain. For those with your minds in the gutter, thongs-as in flip flop sandals. Great saying on it too--I love my attitude!

Remember, rules are simple. All you have to do is look at the picture below and tell me their story in the comments section before 12Pm EST tonight.

Here's your escape:

What's their story?
Give me two lines or give me twenty, it doesn't matter. This is all for fun and all for you! So let your mind wander, and your hands fly over the keyboard and let yourself...

And don't forget to pop over to Fobidden Publications

for some great Valentine reads!!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

And these are the days of our lives...er...weeks

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It's Saturday.

I remember when the weekends used to mean something. In school, whoa! Couldn't wait for the weekends! Then I started working retail which meant working weekends, after this a job which gave me Sunday/Monday off which was weird to get used to. Then a stay-at-home-mom which, in effect, has no days off including weekends. So now the days just seem to run together one after the other.

Don't take this as a depressing post, it's not because I don't mean days run into each other in a monotonous way, simply that one day doesn't hold any more importance than another in the week's order. Anyone else find this?

Odd how life changes. I think though, that it is the unexpected changes which keeps it from being monotonous (I just like that word today...the way it rolls off the tongue and has so many o's like hippopotomus LOL--okay, very little sleep last night can you tell)

So, to end the ramblings, I have some awesome news coming up soon--Hint: I'm pretty sure it's not what you are thinking and no, I'm not pregnant. As soon as I can reveal, I will, I promise.

Also, I've been filling The Diva Bookshelf so pop on over and browse the shelves!

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Thursday, January 25, 2007

4 Days Left before the Big Valentine's Day Release

Sela Carsen: The Virgin Courtesan (historical; sensual)

Stacy Dawn: Apple of His Eye (contemporary; mainstream)

Elisabeth Drake: Wasting the Dawn (dark paranormal; carnal)

CJ England: Angel Eyes and Demon Lies (carnal paranormal)

Dayna Hart: Wings of Love (fantasy; mainstream)

Loribelle Hunt: Be Mine (contemporary; sensual)

Crystal Jordan: Twice in a Blue Moon (paranormal; carnal)

Jennifer Leeland: Naughty Notions (contemporary; carnal)

JT Schultz: Cupid's Target (paranormal; sensual)

Shelli Stevens: Cabin Fever (contemporary; carnal)

Coming January 29th to Fobidden Publications!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


A few asked how my day went on Sunday so I thought I'd share.

After an hour drive to the GO Train station then another hour on the train, a trek through Union Station and through a skywalk, we end up here...well, actually below it. This is Toronto's CN Tower right beside the Rogers Center (formerly Skydome) where the festivities take place. Very sad to say but in all my years, this was my first time this close to it and first trip to the "Home of Blue Jays baseball". (I'm a country-girl, what can I say)

We were way early hoping to get up close and personal with the drivers...uh, I mean trucks.

No luck on both counts...bummer. Still by getting there early we had lunch in a little restaurant dug out thing with a great view of the dirt arena area. There was a group propelling remote control cars off the dirt ramps for early entertainment. Then we found out that you can actually stay in this little area for the whole show, which turned out to be better seats than the ones we had. Rockin' cool!

Here are the boys wearing their 'ear muffs' as they called them. This was the fashion for the day--everybody had them and they even sold them at the souvenier counter but we had brought our own. It was really loud but not as bad as I thought.

It was really cool because one of their favorite drivers was there in the Superman Truck. This is Chad Fortune on the big cinematron. I swear he looks just like Clark Kent and uses that as part of his set-up coming out and tearing the shirt open--cheesy but it worked LOL.

This is the Batman truck, another favorite of the boys.

So they did a racing segment where two trucks raced around the field jumping a small pile of cars. Then they did the freestyle.

Gravedigger is ultimate Monster Truck and goes hell-bent for freestyle because he doesn't care if his truck gets smashed up...really good show!

This is Gravedigger doing 'sick air' as the boys call it.

And this is Gravedigger rolling. It was sooooo cool!

And then he went right over...

Don't worry, the driver was fine.

Overall, I had a great time. Partly because of the show but mostly because it was just a really fun family day. We don't get those often enough.
The other thing I discovered is that I want a digital camera REAL BAD. We borrowed my brother-in-law's for the day and it was awesome!

Check it out! I loaded another stack of books onto The Diva Bookshelf!

Two Fab Things!!

I got my cover!! How cool is this. Dayna ROCKS!!

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Available January 29th from Forbidden Publications.
And...I've started something new to help promote my fellow authors!

If you're looking for something to read you can just head on over and browse through The Diva Bookshelf to check out an assortment of new releases updated regularly!

For those who would like me to add your books to the bookshelf, simply send me an email. When it's posted, I'll even send you a button like this one here to help promote both you and your fellow authors.

First up is the fabulous L.K. Campbell!

Oh, and I'm pulling double duty and am over at Word Flirts today too!

Episode #33: And the winner is...

All the contestants were put into the hat and a name was drawn by the shortest producer.

And the winner is...Anicz!

Congratulations! Send me an email to claim your prize!

Thank you everyone for watching and stay tuned next Monday for another episode of....

Monday, January 22, 2007

Episode #33

Welcome to another episode on the Sensibly Insane Channel! I'm your host, Stacy Dawn, roaring back from an invigorating yesterday afternoon at Monster Jam!


Oh, look, who do we have here?
Why hello Mr. Hunky Guest Spinner **wicked grin**Everyone please give a warm round of applause for Jeremy.
Why don't you take those wonderful arms and spin our wheel.
Oh cool. One randomly chosen contestant will win a funky note-card set.
All right. If you want to recap the rules you can scroll down to episode #32. Everyone ready to play?

Here's Your Escape:

What's their story??
Give me two lines or give me twenty. It doesn't matter just throw your fingers over the keyboard and let yourself...

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Oh Boy...Plug Your Ears!

Help me.

I'm off to Monster Jam in Toronto.

With a housefull of males, I didn't stand a chance not to go. They say it's a once in a lifetime have-to-do type thing. Just my luck.

If I can get through the torrentially loud noise, packed arena, women's washroom line-ups, and constant yelling by boisterous fans then I might just be surprised and enjoy myself...or at least enjoy watching the boys have fun. LOL

Friday, January 19, 2007

The Dreaded Synopsis? Nuh-uh, I've got one better...

The dreaded Resume!

Ugh, ick, yuck, bleck!

Seriously, give me a synopsis any day.

Of course it doesn't help that I've been out of the workforce for six years. Yet, it is amazing how much I can include with voluntary work etc.

I would still much prefer a job I could do from home....typing, transcription, assembly, whatever but, unfortunately, I've yet to find a legit one. The scam jobs on the internet are ENORMOUS! Talk about frustrating.

Crash, Bang, Boom

That's what my ms sounds like right now. It was going good then I came to a stutter...then a stop.
After a day of trying to figure out why all of a sudden it wasn't going the way I wanted, I sort of figured it out. Kinda like when you have a room you want to renovate but not sure how or where to begin.

So, like every not-so-good do-it-yourselfer, I shrugged my shoulders, hauled out the power tools and started renovations on my story. Hmmm, which wall should come down next?
Don't forget to pop in to the post below and enter my new contest!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Who is the Apple of YOUR Eye? Contest

In celebration of my new novella, The Apple of His Eye, coming out as part of Forbidden Publication's Valentine's Day Collection at the end of this month, I want to know who is the apple of YOUR eye?!

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You can leave a comment about him/her/or them here or email me at contests @ stacydawn.com (no spaces) and I'll enter you in a draw for a Pink Strawberry Daiquiri Pedicure Set including terry cloth slippers.

On Valentine's Day, February 14, 2007, I'll post some of the comments and announce the randomly chosen winner!

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Note: By entering, you consent to the display of your comment on my blog should yours be chosen for posting on February 14th, 2007. Credit and/or links will be posted with each chosen comment.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Out and About

Aparently, being Canadian I would pronounce the title oot and aboot. I've never really understood this but I heard it on an acting search t.v. program the other day and writing the title just reminded me of it LOL.

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Okay, let's see where to start.

I am Author of the Week up at Candice Gilmer's Blog. She's cool. You should really try her Wednesday Useless Movie trivia contest. It's way fun.

Remember a few posts back when I mentioned how thrilled I was with the story I'd just finished, The Apple of His Eye, for Forbidden Publication coming out at the end of the month (shameless plug, sorry) and how I trusted the process? Well, I'm talking about this over at the Sweeter Romantic Notions Authors Blog today. Pop over and let me know what you think.

My newsletter should be out later today. Sign up is on the side there if you aren't a member all ready. Members get special notice of contests and a special giveaway just for them!

The Wild Rose Press is having their weekly chat tonight. It's always fun. 9pm EST in their public chat room.

Tomorrow I will anounce a BRAND NEW CONTEST!!

Check below for yesterday's ESCAPE the Mondayn winner!

Have a great day everyone!

Episode #32: And the winner is...

What an awesome episode yesterday! Thank you contestants!

All the names have been put into the winter toque. The shortest producer is picking the name, and the winner is....ADELLE!

Congratulations! Email me for your prize!

Thank you all for playing and I'll see you next week for another episode of ...

Monday, January 15, 2007

Episode #32

Welcome to another episode here on the Sensibly Insane Channel! I'm your host, Stacy Dawn, and I am so happy to have you with us today.

Before we start, I've had a few questions on how to play lately so let's take a moment to recap our game show rules for all our new contestants.

1) Unless otherwise stated, the game is open until Midnight PST of the Monday it is displayed upon.

2) To be eligible, contestants must continue the given escape with their answers placed in the comments section.

3) A winner will be chosen randomly from all elibible contestants to receive the prize from the current day prize wheel spin.

4) All hands are to remain over the keyboard and away from the shirtless male models


Soooo, let's begin with the fun part. There have been a few more changes as we revamp our gameshow. Firstly, due to the destruction of our origional wheel (see previous episode), we reveal today our new prize wheel. Secondly, we've added the additon of hunky guest spinners in the way of hot male models--the sexy-silent type **wicked grin**.

Mmm-mmm-mmm. I think I'm on fire! Someone please come and cool me down.....

*g* Please give a warm round of applause to our prize wheel spinner for today....Hank.

Gotta love a man in--or better yet, out--of uniform.

Hank, could you please flex those rescuing muscles and spin our prize wheel.


Ooooh! The prize wheel landed on a funky evening gown notepad. Very cool.

Now for your escape:

What's their story?

Give me two lines or give me twenty, it doesn't matter. Just open up and let yourself...

Saturday, January 13, 2007

It's a Baby Shower!

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Please join us at Romance Bistro where we are having a weekend long Baby Shower for our sister hostess Sophia Danu!

If you have a story out about a baby, feel free to post excerpts. If you are a mother, feel free to post relaxations and helpful suggestions and lots of congratulations and well wishes!

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