Monday, December 29, 2008


Thank you so much to all my guests and especially you all for visiting for our Wishes and Kisses Christmas Blogfest....I had so much fun!

Now for some winner announcements!

First, the winner of Donna Michaels contest was LuAnn! Send me an email at stacy @ by Jan 5th to claim your prize.

And the winner for the month-long contest with the hidden words was Karen Haas! She's getting a prize pack including a print copy of my Noelle series story, Christmas on Parole!

The hidden words wrote out Wishing all your dreams come true and your holidays blessed with happiness....and I do, for each and every one of you!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Wishes and Kisses Wrap Up!

Sorry, couldn't resist the title since I'll probably be up wrapping the rest of the night LOL.

I'm getting my greatest Wish and Kisses today....spending time with the family. We're lucky, we're one of those grossly affectionate families that hug and kiss and joke and hold hands all the time. LOL we were at the work Christmas party a couple weeks ago and my husband and I were holding hands across the table and my sister (whom I work with) starts gagging and joking about it--but we didn't even realize we were doing it LOL.

But I love it. My husband will come up and give me a kiss for no reason--sometimes even the hot ones even after 10 years of marriage or my kids will just come and give me a hug and say, 'Mom, I love you' just because. Seriously, the best wishes and kisses I could ever ask for.

I hope each and every one of you gets to hug or kiss a loved one this holiday season and feels lucky too.

Remember, check out the contest at the top and go on and reread the post for this month as the answers are highlighted there. Send in your entries and I'll pick a winner on the 28th of December!

Thank you all so much for joining us this month and I wish all of you the best in 2009!

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Donna Michaels joins Wishes and Kisses!!

Last post's winner was Deirde! Deirde, email Candice at candice.gilmer @ (no spaces) by December 31st to claim your prize!


Merry Christmas, everyone! A special thank you to Stacy for including me in her holiday blogfest! This is such a fun time of the year with all the happiness and events like this one only make the month brighter.

I’d like to approach the Wishes and Kisses theme from another angle. Movies. They’re as much a part of my life as books so I thought it would be fun to talk about some great Christmas movies.


Who could forget Ralphie’s wish in a Christmas Story? That Red Ryder BB gun was his sole wish for Christmas, and although that story was set before I was born, I do remember having similar Christmases. The tree, some of the d├ęcor (no, we didn’t have the leg/lamp…hehe), trips to see the department store Santa, bundled up so much you couldn’t bend a limb…yes, all a part of my childhood and a riot to see on TV.

How about Scrooge’s wish it was all a dream at the end of A Christmas Carol? I love all versions of this story, especially Scrooged with Bill Murray. His updated adaptation and inclusion of humor are wonderful. The meaning and lesson remain the same and will always be a favorite in our house.

Then there’s George’s wish he’d never been born in the special classic, It’s A Wonderful Life. There’s nothing like watching something good happen to a good person. I’ll never grow tired of watching this movie and look forward to it every year. Makes you feel good.

Before I move onto Kisses, I have to throw in my favorite…Clark W. Griswold’s wish to use his Christmas bonus to put in a swimming pool for his family in Christmas Vacation. Oh my goodness, there isn’t one part of this movie I don’t love! From Clark’s trek to get the perfect tree which was bigger than his car; the joy and pain of a house full of relatives; Aunt Bethany wrapping up her cat as a present and including catfood in her jello mold; Clark over-decorating the outside of his house; Uncle Lewis torching the tree with his pipe; a squirrel, a dog, two annoying neighbors; and SWAT showing up because cousin Eddie kidnapped Clark’s boss at the end. Good times. Good times.


~Cindy Lou Who kissing Jim Carey’s cheek in How The Grinch Stole Christmas. How cute was that? He expected her to say his face was hairy and yucky, but she smiled and said it was warm. This live version of the cartoon classic included several good lessons under the humor: don’t judge someone based on their looks and there’s more to Christmas than spending money, winning contests and having the best decorated house. I really enjoyed everything this movie had to offer.

~The kiss Liz (Rita Wilson) laid on her husband, Howard (Arnold Schwarzenegger) in Jingle All The Way, after discovering he was the muscled Turbo Man in the Christmas parade. Nothing like seeing your husband in a new light after you thought he messed up big time. lol Boy, can I relate to Howard’s frantic search for Turbo Man, though. No matter how early I started to shop for the Power Rangers (way back when), my search lasted for weeks and sometimes ended just before Christmas. Tough when you have three boys all asking Santa for the impossible!!

~The kiss between Sally and Jack after singing ‘Simply Meant To Be’ in Nightmare Before Christmas. Of all the movies I mentioned, who knew the animated movie would have the most romantic kiss scene? Nightmare is a cute movie with a unique spin on the holidays and some pretty cool music.

There are a lot more movies I could rattle on about so I dare not delve any further or I can go on until Christmas…hehe I would like to mention there’s a wish and a few kisses in my latest holiday release, VAMPIRE KRISTMAS. I specifically wrote this holiday paranormal light and sweet. Click the link for the blurb, excerpt and Reviewer’s Top Choice review.

Mini Contest!

Thank you for spending time with me! To enter my mini contest: I’d love to hear your comments on your favorite holiday movies. There are so many I didn’t even get to mention. Pop back tomorrow morning to see if you’ve won. Stacy will post the name of a randomly drawn winner of a free PDF of their choice from my Holiday releases:


Have a very Merry Christmas and thanks for reading!

~Donna Michaels

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Wishes and Kisses with Candice Gilmer!

Last post's winners were Jennifer and Anne-Katherine! Johanna has an email sailing your way!


First off, I have to thank Stacy for putting together this Wishes and Kisses Christmas promotion. Letting a bunch of women get together and talk about the wonders of the season?
How fun is that?

I just love a first kiss. Whether it’s on a television show I have been watching, and they FINALLY kiss, or in a book when the hero and heroine FINALLY get over themselves and KISS. My heart pitter patters, I get a big, cheesy grin on my face, and I bite my lip, excited and thrilled for the couple.

Maybe it’s because I love good sexual tension, like that tension between Booth and Brennan on Bones. There’s just something that makes that first kiss so much more awesome when the tension is thick between the protagonists.

And because I just love that first kiss and that first moment of a couple being together, I have to share the first kiss from my book Fantasy Girl, available now at Samhain publishing...


“I’m going to say this once, and then we’re going to move on. I like you a lot, Lynn. You’re very smart, you’re good at your job and you’re very sexy. So whatever man told you you’re ugly, I’d like to hunt him down and beat…”

“No man ever told me I was ugly,” I said, cutting Jack off. Which was true. They didn’t have to—my dating record was enough to prove that. Considering the last date I went on when the guy was actually interested in me was well over a year ago, and there’d been no prospects since then… Well a girl gets the hint eventually.

Wait a second.

Did he just say I was sexy?

I must have heard him wrong… And if I did, do I really want to know what he really said?

Hell no.

“So why are you convinced that I don’t see it?” Jack’s voice was a bit softer, but still, it pulled me from my mental reverie.

Reality came crashing down on me. “Have you seen me?” My hands ran over the air around my body, like Vanna White trying to show off her dress or something. ’Course, she is way prettier and better dressed than I am.

“Yeah.” That intense stare glared back at me.

“Mousy hair.” I flipped out a piece of my hair.

“Glossy soft hair.” Jack moved closer.

“Pathetic boobs.” I gestured to my chest.

“Perfectly sized chest.” He took another step closer.

“Fat pooch on hips.” The air suddenly got very thick in the elevator.

“Nice round curves.” He was practically on top of me.

I cowered back. “You’re not playing fair.” I leaned back into the wall as he pinned me against the rail again. He loomed over me, his chest mere millimeters from mine, his left leg brushing my thigh. Powerful flares of flames seared me at the somewhat passive contact.

Oh my God in Heaven, who is this man? What’s he doing?

“Perfect little lips that crave to be kissed.”

Thank God for being a good creator and actually attaching the eyeballs inside the head, because with that comment, I’m sure mine would have fallen out and rolled around on the floor right then.


He leaned in closer. His lips grazed mine. “Yes?”

“Are you?” No more time for questions. Jack’s lips met mine in a tender kiss on the lips, and I swear, I think I growled. And it wasn’t even a real kiss, and I growled. I’m so done for.

Then the brat had to press harder on my lips.

Oh, man, I’m in so much trouble.


Did you love it? Did you need more? Well, here’s your chance! Post a comment today in the blog with your favorite couple from a book, television, or movie, and I’ll randomly draw one winner to get a copy of Fantasy Girl.

Thanks again to Stacy for putting this together!

Candice Gilmer
Romance, laughter and tears
Fantasy Girl is available from Samhain:
Unholy Night, and A Darker Trinity, paranormal romances, are available from Lyrical Press:

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Wishes and Kisses Welcomes Johanna Riley!

Last post's winners were Diane Craver and Drea! Send an email to stacy @ (no spaces) by December 31, 2008 to claim to prize


Sometimes I think I’m going to grow up to be a hermit. The world is a very scary place, and I’d much prefer the sanctuary of my own cabin in the woods. Just think how wonderful it would be…me, my equally grouchy husband, and my psychotic cat, all alone with all the other homicidal maniacs who call the woods their home. Sigh. Doesn’t it sound like paradise?

But since I have to stay in the city surrounded by 1.999 million other people, I escape into the world of writing. For the most part, my characters are opposite of me. They are happy, outgoing and their cats like them. Yes, this is my fantasy.

I started writing romance at around 12-years-old. I hadn’t a clue about technique, I only knew I wanted to tell a story. My characters have always had a mind of their own. Some writers say they can control them, but I definitely can’t. I get direction in my head, know exactly where my story is supposed to go, but those pesky characters will look at me, smirk and say “whatever!” When Zach, the Guardian Angel popped into my head, I knew I had to give him a story—a romance. He was such a sweet guy, and sexy! And he never gave me a moment of grief during the writing process. I couldn’t just leave him hanging around in the heavens with no one to love. In enters Kate. She’s sassy, smart and loving, and she’s just lost her father. Finally, a character I can relate to. After my dad died, I always wondered if he was watching me from Heaven, and if so Dad, I’m so sorry you had to see me do that thing at that place—nope, sorry, can’t share that story today.

Anyway, when Kate’s father died, I knew it would be the perfect opportunity to show just what happens when our loved ones pass on before us (or my interpretation anyway). Kate’s father barters with the Elder Angels to give Kate a chance at love. After much cajoling they send down Zach, who has been Kate’s Guardian her entire life. Zach is already in love with her, but when he gets the opportunity to hold her for the first time he knows there is no going back. Their first kiss is a bit of a shock to us all, I mean, she literally falls against his lips. Ouch! But when Zach puts his mind to it, that boy can sizzle.

And that ramble leads me to…kisses! I’ve had all types of kisses—wet, hard, loud, kitty—but there is one kiss I love most of all. It’s the kiss my husband gives me in the early morning hours, when he’s leaving to golf and I’m still in bed. He pulls the covers around my shoulders, and brushes the softest, sweetest kiss on my forehead. Those kisses are so cherished and blessed always make me feel mushy inside.

Today I’m giving away a free download of my Christmas story, Christmas Angel. If you’d like your name to go in the drawing, send an email to Johanna @ (minus the spaces) with the subject Wishes & Kisses for Zach.

I wish for you that all your dreams come true, and may you have a lifetime of kisses.


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Diana Castilleja joins Wishes and Kisses!

Last post's winner is Martha E! Email me at stacy @ (no spaces) by December 31st to claim your prize!


Happy Holidays!

It's a pleasure to be doing a guest spot today on Stacy's blog. As part of the holiday round up, we're sharing some of our best wishes 'n' kisses with you, and I'm excited to be included. It seems the Christmas or holiday season brings out the best and the worst of us. Deadlines, too many fattening meals, pressure to get that last gift, or the best one. And don't forget the traffic! Ugh!

But what about the good stuff? The sharing, laughter, holiday music... snuggle weather?? I love the cold just for that reason. Oh, and soup. Cold weather always brings out the need for soup. Anyway, before I get too far off topic there, I thought I'd tell you a Christmas story. It's not very well known.

It's actually the second date I had with my now hubster. In Austin, there's a massive lit tree that is done every year and what is known as the Trail of Lights. It's a mile long display of christmas lights and fairy tale displays. Although not everything is Christmas themed (Pete's Dragon??) they make them themed with color and lights and tons of music.

There are also two large pits that burn massive logs for a bonfire. It's always fun to cuddle near it and drink hot chocolate. I try to get a kiss every year by the bonfire. It's kind of a tradition. We've gone nearly every year we've been together. (I think we missed one year early on.) Now that we have Lil J, we do it, the three of us.

Anyway, just a little something that we do for the holidays, our own tradition so to speak. I know I can get a smooch from the youngster when the man is being reluctant (no PDA... *eyeroll*).

I'm also sharing my next release today!

Trusting Delilah is my next release from Tease Publishing, due out Jan 15th! Let me grab the blurb....

Roman Aiza is the second born son of the Aiza clan. He also owns and operates a private security company and has an ongoing contract with one of Florida's most influential residents. He is patrolling at a party when he encounters a woman who will haunt him. A woman who at their first meeting, manages to walk right out of his hands when he follows her for trespassing. She manages to do this without giving Roman a single reason why she is in the depths of the house he is protecting. When he does finally locate her days later, his goal is to prove that his instincts are wrong. She is not the woman that all of his senses are clamoring for.

Yet when the daughter of Roman's largest and closest account is kidnapped and held for ransom, will they be able to build a trust between them? Or will their own secrets keep them apart?

Please check my website for updates and excerpts!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


TWO more Fun Stuffed Envelope are up for grabs today for those join

ing us to post today!

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New Christmas Release for the Kids!!

Last post's winners are Kerribookwriter for the CD, PJ Hoover for Too Much Mistletoe and Caffey for The Ramsey Chase. Email me at stacy @ (no spaces) by December 31 to claim your prizes!


Well, Christmas isn't Christmas if not for children!! Those wide-eyed smiles and squeels of joy at every new light and trimming on the trees, houses, at every Santa walking by and especially the bright colored presents under the tree. The secret wish of a child whispered in Santa's's all part of the magic of Christmas!!

And I am thrilled to contribute to the excitement of the little ones with a brand new Christmas story from my Adventures of Harriet, the Half-pint Holstein series!

Harriet Finds Christmas

Harriet thought she knew what the holiday season was about until finding a little lost mouse showed her the real meaning of Christmas.

Coming mid-December from Firedrakes Weyr!

I am so tickled to have this Christmas story out! You can find Harriet's other books plus let your kids print out, color and play activities from her very own site at

I have a Harriet magnet and bookmark and cow pen as the gift of the day! Great stocking stuffers for your own little herd! Leave a comment and someone from my own funny farm will chose a winner!!

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Wishes and Kisses gets cozy with Devon Ellington

Last post's winner was Rotti mom! Send me an email at stacy @ before December 31st, to claim your gift.

The Joys of the Yuletide Season
By Devon Ellington

I am kind of impossible when it comes to holidays. As far as I’m concerned, the holiday season starts on Samhain (Halloween) and goes right through until Twelfth Night, at which point Carnivale Season begins, and, well, you get the picture. I love to decorate, even though I’ve lived in apartments my whole life. Don’t worry – I’m house-hunting, and I really DO need that thirteen room Gothic Victorian house that looks like something out of It’s A Wonderful Life, because right now I’m paying more on my storage units than on rent. And no, I’m not throwing any of it out!

We always celebrate the Four Advents, the four Sundays leading up to Christmas Eve. The tradition is to put out a few decorations each Sunday, and then light the next candle on the five-candle wreath (the fifth candle is for Christmas Eve). Of course, I can’t stop decorating once I start, so I do it all on the First of Advent, and then keep adding things as I “rescue” additional items that look like they could use a good home.

Basically, it looks like a holiday truck threw up in my apartment. And that’s the way the cats and I like it.

Christmas/Yule/Solstice/Hannukah/Kwanzaa/You-Name-It-I’ll-Probably-Celebrate-It is one of my favorite times of year, and not just because I get to put up greenery and sparkling baubles (ooh, shiny! I’m worse than the cats), and pull out all the decorations that have stories behind them. Every piece in the house has its own story, and we tell those stories every year, like a kind of living history.

I also love the holidays because they are about light returning in the darkest hour, and about hope. In these trying times, that’s so important. It’s about making wishes come true, whether it’s a wish for snow for Christmas, or a new coat for a family member when you’re broke and on the street, or a wish for world peace, it’s a time for miracles, for possibilities, a time when anything can happen.

I’ve always been intrigued by tales spun specifically for this season. My ultimate fantasy is to get my act together to create a new story just for family and friends, print it beautifully, and give it as a gift each year. I have yet to be organized enough to start early enough to accomplish this. But it’s a nice fantasy. May Sarton used to write a Christmas poem for her family and friends. I love the idea of it, because we all love home-made gifts, and what’s more home-made than a tale from our own brains?

In any case, as I think about my characters, I wonder who would fit well in a Christmas/Yule/holiday-themed story, and for what would they wish? I took a poll earlier this autumn, and one of the top contenders was Aunt Doris and her much-younger Italian boyfriend about whom I’ve written about in the linked stories set in Congress Corners under the Ava Dunne name. Aunt Doris would wish for additional years on her life (although she’s not going anywhere for quite awhile), and Cassio wishes Aunt Doris would stop worrying about their age difference! Nina Bell, my protagonist from the serial Tapestry, the impulsive young woman living in 1990’s East Village, trying to survive a life in the arts as NYC begins its latest cycle of gentrification, got quite a few votes, too. In fact, we dealt with the holidays over several episodes of the series. Her desire to connect contrasted with her fear of being hurt make her an interesting character to dump into a holiday situation. She wishes for True Love, yet she’s notorious for sabotaging the Real Thing when it comes along and falling for The Wrong Thing. Perhaps she needs a sexy guardian angel to set her straight?

Most of the historical characters wouldn’t work, if they lived in a time where these holidays weren’t yet actively celebrated. Captain Kit Erskine and the characters of “The Merry’s Dalliance” could celebrate the holidays because they live in magical fantasy world, and I can have them celebrate any holiday that I wish! But Cutthroat Charlotte, who sailed the seas in the time prior to the American Revolution, would not have had a Christmas tree on the ship!

Jain Lazarus, my protagonist from HEX BREAKER and “The Possession of Nattie Filmore” poses some interesting dilemmas. She’s tough and fast-talking, yet also quite vulnerable. How would Jain celebrate the holidays? With hand-made and handed down objects, I imagine, although she might not have many of them. Unlike her creator, she is both tidy and not a hoarder. For what would Jain wish? Peace, on every level, not admitting that she wishes for love for herself. Wyatt stopped celebrating the holidays, for the most part, after his family was killed. He wishes people well, but doesn’t engage beyond that. He hasn’t allowed himself a genuine wish in a long time, so now’s the time to start. Billy Root is big on the holidays. That’s when he lets his inner child, never too far from the surface anyway, come out full throttle to play. Billy wishes everyone could be happy, warm, well-fed and well-loved over the season.

Although I’ve got a New Year’s tale planned for Jain this year rather than a Christmas one, mulling it over for this post excites me to the opportunity of exploring Christmas with Jain, Wyatt, Billy . . .and some paranormal entity who’s got its own agenda! Stay tuned . . . :;)

I've got a CD of HEX BREAKER to give away, as well as signed manuscript copies of both TOO MUCH MISTLETOE and THE RAMSEY CHASE. So leave a comment and we'll be picking names!

And my wish for all of you is for a joyful season and may we move into the New Year with joy, health, and friendship.


Devon Ellington publishes under a half a dozen names in both fiction and non-fiction. Visit her blog on the writing life, Ink in My Coffee:, Hex Breaker, the site for the Jain Lazarus Adventures:, and her main Devon Ellington website,

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My Christmas Present!!

Last post's winners were Amy S who won a copy of Adelle's book and Eva who won the ornaments! Email me at stacy @ (no spaces) to claim your gifts!

Today I get a HUGE present!! My new novella is released!!! I am sooooo excited to share with you the third book in my Noelle series......Christmas in Noelle...where love and laughter are always at the top of Santa's list!

There are some good kisses in this book and not to mention a wish or two....


A Cinderella Christmas

Her mother's ridiculous idea to gift her with 'a man' for Christmas is driving Angie Bellini insane! Every bachelor and his brother in Noelle are asking her to save them a dance at the upcoming wedding of Santa Claus Holloran's daughter. What's a girl to do to keep her sanity and thwart a scheming mother? Date the one man in town her mother despises, of course.

Wes O'Connor doesn't like the plan Angie has coerced him into for two reasons: 1) He's still paying for the last time those big brown eyes made him do something stupid and 2) He doesn't want to 'pretend' to date the beautiful baker, he wants the fairytale to turn into a real happily-ever-after.

Their ending may not be so happy, though, when they discover they aren't the only players in their little game of make-believe.

Available now from The Wild Rose Press!

OMG, this just in---literally in my inbox right after I put up this post!!!

4.5 Ribbions from Romance Junkies!!

Angie wants to be left alone to enjoy the season. She’s looking forward to the part of the day she enjoys – the moment she hears the bell over the door of the bakery, bringing in new and old face to make her day better.

Wes - a home grown boy, made good on his father dairy farm business, is caught in the middle of wanting the girl and having to live past a teenage incident that he has never been forgiven for.

Vita, a mother hell bent – literally, on finding the right man and a man she approves of for her daughter.

When these three meet there are explosive consequences, but they all keep a secret and when it’s revealed will they be able to live with what they have set in motion?

A hilariously funny read, I absolutely adore Stacy Dawn’s A CINDERELLA CHRISTMAS. Meet Angie and Wes who have to resort to extreme measures to get one up on Angie’s mother – Vita.

Things go from make-believe to the real thing, but no one admits to this until hearts are broken and halos are tarnished. A CINDERLLA CHRISTMAS is a really sweet read that will have you hunting down the other books about the love life of people in this small town who believe it or not have a real life Santa Claus, who loves his sweets.


“But I don’t want to date you...I mean...” Wes shifted in his seat, clenching and unclenching the steering wheel. How had everything gotten turned around? Sure, at the bakery, after seeing those beautiful brown eyes flare from friendly to frustrated to hopeful all in a span of fifteen minutes, he knew he wanted to know her a little better, again. Maybe pick up where his youthful mishap had detoured them.

But this was not how he pictured getting the date. He glanced sideways at her cute little nose scrunched in contemplation—of him. Wes gulped and darted his gaze back to the road.

The zip-zup-zip of her playing with the zipper on her jacket etched into the sudden silence.
“A-are you dating someone?” she finally ventured.

“No, but—”


“No, but—”


No,” he bellowed over her rapid interrogation. Geez, let a guy get a word in edgewise here.

Instead, she twisted around, leg back up on the seat again as comfortable as if she’d ridden in the truck a thousand times before. “Then what is it? Is it me? You find me ugly, repulsive?”

“No, Angie, come on!”

In truth, her position grazed her knee against his hip, sending currents of awareness straight to his chest. Repulsive? Not even close.

He focused his attention on the mid-morning street, counting the huge snowflakes to cool himself down. How had a simple delivery job become so complicated? He now realized why his father handled this end of the business. Ian O’Connor was a people-person while Wes preferred the uncomplicated company of the farm.

Slender hands latched onto his upper arm, effectively melting the snowflake theory.
“Please. I need help and you’re all I’ve got at the moment.”

With tight lips, he tried to focus on the road, but his gaze kept flicking back to her hands clenching his arm.

“For old time’s sake, Wes. Please.”

He made the mistake of glimpsing the dark eyes, big and round and rivaling any kicked-puppy-dog-look he’d ever seen. His jaw ticked tight, and he felt himself caving.

Be strong this time, Wes.

The hands around his arm pulled in small, pleading tugs while her lips quirked in a mischievous tilt. “I’ll bake you a special batch of chocolate chip cookies...” she coerced. “Three batches...better, a dozen!”

No use—the minute she batted those lashes, he was a dead-man-driving. The only choice left was to chuckle and shake his head in defeat. “Dad likes them too. Make it a dozen and you got yourself a deal.”

“Oh thanks, Wes,” she squealed. “You’re a real pal.”

His smile twitched to a wince at her euphoric outburst. Being her ‘pal’ was least on his list at the moment. They’d picked up right where they left off in high school—big brown eyes messing with his good sense. And, judging by this morning’s events at the bakery, he wasn’t finished paying for the first time.

More stories from the humorously eccentric town of Noelle, Alberta...
Click on a cover for more information

Photobucket Photobucket

What Christmas wish of yours has ever come true? Leave a comment and I'll randomly choose one reader to receive a funky, love bracelet in celebration of my release!

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Happy Holidays from Adelle Laudan!

Last post's winners were flchen1 who won the $10 gift certificate and lbcanton who won a copy of If Tombstones Could Talk! Email me at stacy @ by December 31st to claim your prize!

Now for a special treat!


Thank you Stacy for allowing me to be a part of your Christmas Blogfest. In keeping with the Wishes and Kisses theme, I thought I’d share an excerpt from Iron Horse Rider that seems to fit perfectly. Sit back, relax and come visit the world of Iron Rider 2--Coming Home

Warning. Adult content.

Looking back, Shane hadn’t stood a snowball’s chance in Hell of escaping.
He’d been hooked from the first moment he’d seen her. Shane often wondered if
it hadn’t been a cleverly orchestrated plan from the start. On Christmas Eve, they
mysteriously had the house to themselves. They sat snuggled up on the couch,
enjoying mugs filled with hot apple cider.

Kelly turned to him and smiled sweetly. “Would you like your Christmas
present right now?” she asked.

Her voice, decidedly sexy, sent a shiver up his spine. “If it makes you happy,
sure,” he replied.

“Trust me, I won’t be the only happy person in the room.” She winked
playfully before she half skipped, half walked into the next room only to return
completely naked except for a large red bow tied across her firm round breasts.
Shane’s breath caught in his throat. His groin instantly tightened. She wore a
smile that was anything but angelic; the devilish glint in her eye unveiled her
seductive intentions. He placed his shaking hands on her shoulders and pulled
her to him. He captured her mouth in a long drugging kiss, suckling her full, lush
lips. Shane lost himself in the sweet warmth emanating from her exquisite body.
In an erotic frenzy, she stripped him of his clothes.

In one swift motion, he lifted her into his arms; his tattoos a stark contrast
against her silky nakedness. Shane stared into the depths of her captivating blue
eyes. She stared back boldly. A growl erupted from deep within his chest and he
wet one of Kelly’s lush, rosy nipples with a flick of his tongue before taking it
between his teeth and tugging gently.

Kelly arched towards his exploring tongue while Shane moved towards the
bedroom with her. He laid her down on the center of the bed and stood back,
drinking in her ambrosial splendor.

“Please, Shane.” Kelly reached out, begging him to join his body with hers.
Her words shot waves of tingling expectation throughout his rigid body.
Without another word, he lowered himself and revelled in the musky scent of her

Hours later, completely sated, they lay in one another’s arms.

Kelly nuzzled up to his ear. “I’m going to marry you,” she whispered softly.

Shane’s heart skipped a beat. He knew he’d fallen under her spell. For the first
time in his life, he didn’t feel like running. Looking down at her sweet face, Shane
realized he was exactly where he wanted to be.

My wish for all of you this Christmas, is to experience this kind of love at least once in your life. “It is better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all.”

Iron Horse Rider and Iron Horse Rider 2 – Coming Home can be purchased at Wild Child Publishing.

I will draw two names from all who respond to this post. One winner will get a print copy of Iron Horse Rider. The 2nd winner will get this cute set of Christmas tree ornaments.


Merry Christmas to all. I wish you Miles of Smiles : )

Adelle Laudan

And Adelle is celebrating a new release today!! Click on the cover for more information!! Congratulations Adelle!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Wishes and Kisses from Stacey Joy Netzel

Last post's winner was Stephanie!! Email me at stacy @ (no spaces) by December 31st to claim your gift!

Now, let's all welcome Stacey Joy Netzel!!

Hi everyone! First of all, Merry Christmas! With the help of dear friends, I came up with some questions that’ll tell you a little about me and my Christmas novella, Dragonfly Dreams. You can visit for a full excerpt of this story and my others.

hat is your most memorable kiss?

First ever kiss when I was 16—I was so nervous I laughed in my date’s face. Let me set the scene. We’d been out a few times w/o a kiss. My date had joked that he was so tired he felt like he was dreaming. At the end of the night, walking along the lake beach by my house and knowing I definitely wanted a kiss, I asked him how he’d kiss me in his dream. He answered, “Like Harrison Ford kissed that woman in the movie.” (Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade) Then he leaned in, but all I could think about was Harrison Ford shoving his tongue down that woman’s throat, and I laughed. Three tries in a row, poor guy. Sad, but true, and don’t worry, there is a Happy Ending—our 16th wedding anniversary is in January.

If you could have three wishes, what would they be?

Keeping things writing related, here you have them, in this order.
1. I wish for enough $ to write full time so my husband can do whatever he wants.
2. I wish to hit the NY Times Bestseller list at least once in my career.
3. I wish for a beautiful cover EVERY time. (So far I’m good with this one.)

Suggest the actor to play as hero in your favorite book.

Oh, there’s a wish for me! Dragon Fly Dreams made into a movie. Better yet, all of them. I pick the actors and get to be on the set during filming. That’d have to take the place of wishing for a beautiful cover every time. Plus it’d take care of wish number one, which gives me a freebie…hmmm…let me think….Oh…what—you want the actor? Fine.

Jake Gyllenhaal as he looks in this picture.
(In an interview, Ellen DeGeneres teased him about carrying the bike, but personally, I think it makes perfect sense. Mmmm.)

How many kisses are in Dragonfly Dreams?

There are 8 kisses in Dragonfly Dreams, some more intense and sensual than others. Here is the beginning of number three:

Her hand found his in the darkness, seeking comfort. As he laced their fingers together, she whispered, “Goodnight.”

“Night, Loral.” He stared toward the ceiling, more aroused by her lavender scent with every breath he took. The softness of her skin seduced him. Her own shallow breathing made him wonder if she was as aware of him as he was of her. Painfully aware.

Christ, now he was the one lying here wondering. Imagining.

She shifted, and he sensed more than saw her leaning over him. Rational thought fled when her lips touched his chin, searching, finding his mouth in the dark. The harder he tried not to give in, the bolder she became, until finally he could resist her demands no more.

Ever have a birthday wish come true?

I honestly can’t remember anything specific, but then again, I wish for little things that have a chance of coming true, so maybe I have. I *worry* if I wish for something big or important I’ll jinx myself and it’ll never happen.

Shining armor, or Bad Boy blue jeans—which would you prefer to sweep you off your feet?

In my fantasy world of books and movies, I LOVE the bad boy who’s a softy at heart, but in real life, a man who took complete charge would probably drive me crazy. My husband and I are each ‘in charge’ of certain things and the balance works—mostly.


Knee-weakening, deep kisses or soft, tender kisses - which do you prefer?

After 16 years of marriage and 3 kids, I don’t get as many of the knee-weakening, deep kisses, so I completely enjoy them whenever I can get them.

Is there a movie kiss that stands out in your mind as unforgettable?

I love movies almost as much as books, so I’ve got more than one movie kiss and even a couple TV ones. Ross and Rachel’s first kiss on Friends is forever in my heart. The kiss at the end of The Cutting Edge is a close second, even though it’s not very intense. Kevin Costner’s Robin Hood: when he says to Marion, “I’d die for you,” and then kisses her…<>. Lastly, there’s a scene in the movie Days of Thunder (Nascar movie with Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman) that I always remember. As for another TV one, a recent episode of Chuck had a great kiss that I had to rewind and watch a few times. Oh-wait, I almost forgot the kiss in One Fine Day! George Clooney and Michelle Pheiffer—George makes my heart race in that scene.

Share one of your reviews with us.

Linda at Fallen Angel Reviews gave Dragonfly Dreams 5 Angels: “I adored Dragonfly Dreams. Once I started reading, it was hard to stop. It is a tale that tugs at the heart and makes one feel the Christmas season any time of the year. Jake and Loral are likable, sweet, and make a good hero/heroine. Their characteristics bring out their beauty and compassion, not to mention the chemistry that heats between them. Stacey Joy Netzel pens an engaging read where emotions run high and love runs deeper. I like the way she links the two brothers with their confrontations and challenges. She makes Jake a wonderful person that would win any woman’s heart. So sit back and enjoy a page-turner that warms all the way to the toes. You won’t be disappointed in this splendid story.”

Set the scene for your ideal kiss.

This story is not yet contracted, but I’d LOVE to be Janelle. (As long as I have a VERY warm coat. )

Janelle’s step faltered and her breath caught in her throat. At the bottom of the church steps was a horse drawn sleigh, outlined with tiny white lights. Jingle bells broke the silence as the team of horses shifted restlessly in their harnesses. Her hand rose to cover her mouth when she recognized the black-legged bays. George and Jasper.

Swallowing back tears, she focused on the man leaning against the side of the sleigh. He looked amazing dressed in a black tux and a snowy white shirt minus the tie. His gaze caught hers when he pushed away from the sleigh and started up the steps. Her knees trembled, and when he stopped two steps down from her at eye level, she just knew he could hear her heart pounding in her chest.

“Merry Christmas, Janelle.”

Everyone has their own idea of SEXY, what’s yours?

Strong hands, muscled forearms, sleeveless shirt, dark eyes…LOL. I’m not specifically describing the above picture, I just happened to find a picture of Jake that fit my idea of sexy. Lucky me, my husband fits that description, too.

So, how hard was it to come up with all the S questions?

Obviously, not easy, otherwise I’d have a better one than this at the end. However, it gives me a chance to thank my wonderful NovelFriends, Donna, Jamie and Dulcie for suggesting some fun questions. Thanks girls!


To be eligible for my prize today, a $10 gift certificate for The Wild Rose Press, answer one of the above questions in the comment area. Give me some good stories! A second winner will receive a free download of If Tombstones Could Talk, my short ghost romance.

Thank you for visiting and I Wish you lots of Kisses this Christmas!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Mother's Day

Last blog post winners were traveller and lastnerve! Send me an email at stacy @ by December 31st to claim your prizes!

Okay, so you are asking yourself, why is the title, Mother’s Day, when it’s Christmas time, not to mention five months early?

Well, one half of this blogfest is about wishes, and what did most of us wish for when we were be older of course!

So, now we are adults, mothers, aunts, fathers, uncles and/or grandparents....and Christmas is no longer about what presents we’re going to get but how to keep little hands out of the presents we’ve bought or, more apt, to keep them from jumping out of their skin with excitement.

Being a mother at Christmas time can be so much fun on a whole other level. Come on, what other time of the year do you have the be-all-and-end-all back-up for anything you ask your children to do? 'Santa is watching, you better clean your room'.....'I bet if you do the dishes an extra night it will give you an extra check mark on Santa’s 'Nice List'....'Hey, stopping fighting with your brother or Santa will put you both on the naughty list!'

Sound familiar? Even offering an extra dollar for their allowance doesn’t get my kids to clean their room, but one mention of ‘The List’ and wow, there is suddenly a floor between the beds.

So mothers everywhere, celebrate, use and abuse the Santa card because it only comes once a year!

Tell me about your fun Christmas mother moments and I’ll chose one winner to receive a Mother's relaxation pack including bath salts, a lofa sponge, an escape-worthy book and more!

And for those of you sledding through on Skhye’s Christmas Ride, welcome and Happy Holidays to you all! Feel free to join in my contest above. My whole post is a clue to today’s Christmas carol but I’ll let you have two...

They didn’t hear me creep, down the stairs to have a peek.
They thought that I was tucked up in my bedroom fast asleep.
But I saw...

I know, way too easy but it’s Christmas right! To spread more Christmas cheer, we're giving one lucky person a $75 Wild Rose Press gift certificate! All you need to do to enter is attend each day's blog post starting at Nov 29th at , identify the carol, and make a complete carol list to submit after the final blog post of Christmas Eve. Don't forget to check the list twice! Send your answers to by midnight, CST Dec. 31st 2008!

Continue your ride tomorrow, December 6th at Susanne Saville’s blog at

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wishes and Kisses with Bronwyn Storm!

Last post's winners were Judy and LJ White!! Email me at stacy @ (no spaces) by Dec. 31st to claim your prizes!

Today I'm tickled to have my friend Bronwyn Storm.....

Be careful what you wish for. How often have we heard that old adage? But what happens when you didn’t mean to make a wish? That’s exactly what happens to Aggie, the heroine in my novella “The Genie’s Curse.”

See, she’s been in love with Dillon since the day he moved into the condo next to her. He’s funny, smart, sexy. The boy even loves to cook! He’s everything she’s ever wanted. Too bad he sees her as his best friend.

What’s a girl to do?

Move, Aggie decides...but how do you leave the one you love? Aggie takes a walk to contemplate that very question. A dark night, roots in the undergrowth, a fateful fall lead Aggie to discover a cursed lamp and an adorable kitten genie named Ebony.
Because of the genie union, Aggie has to make a wish—only, any wish will go horribly wrong. In her efforts to help Ebony, an inadvertent, “sometimes I just wish I was in Dillon’s arms,” signals the beginning of the biggest adventure she’s ever had--she ends up in his arms, all right, as a dog!

Aggie’s about to discover the power of friendship, love, and just why dogs love toilet bowls!

Available from The Wild Rose Press

From wishes to kisses...

Kisses. So many kinds, so many delicious variations. A girl can spend the day exploring all the different types and never get bored—though she may need a basketful of lip gloss!
Nessie Helph never expected to spend her days dreaming about kissing her new boss, but when she meets Leo Schumacher, kissing is just the tip of the sexy iceberg! Too bad he’s got a reputation for cutting much so, he’s known as The Lumberjack.

How can a girl think about kisses and cuddles when her job hangs in the balance?

Good thing Nessie has a plan for everything.

She’s going to wow him with her shoe designs, amaze him with her managerial skills—heck, she’ll astonish him with punctuality! Nessie’s set, prepared—and completely out of her depth. A casual meeting turns into a fiasco when her attraction gets the better of her common sense and she kisses him...

Is Nessie about to be felled by her impetuous behavior, or does she have what it takes to keep her job, get the promotion, and win the boy?

Available from The Wild Rose Press


Bronwyn sent me a bunch of goodies to hand out for the blogfest so leave a comment about an unusual wish or kiss that you've had and I'll randomly pick one to win them!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Welcome to the Wishes and Kisses Christmas Blogfest!!

I want to start by Wishing all of you the merriest of Holidays with lots of family, friendship and fun!! Speaking of friends, I have some special ones joining in the celebration all month long so pop by often for great holiday books gift ideas , special Christmas treats and giveaways! Every other day will be a new blogpost celebrating the wishes and kisses of the holidays and of each author. And keep your eye on each post in order to be eligible for a special gift at the end of the blogfest—contest details at the top of the page.

Christmas has always been a HUGE event in my family, from decorating to Christmas baking, to a big Christmas Even get together. As we all grew up, we added more traditions both with everyone and our own families. This year, I plan to add a new one—making a Gingerbread House with the children on Christmas Eve day—should be fun and more than likely lopsided and a big mess I’m sure LOL—wish me luck!

What are some of your family traditions?

Here’s an unusual one that you might find amusing....

Christmas in Noelle...where love and laughter are always at the top of Santa's list!

Reindeer Games

The annual Reindeer Games between the Holloran and the Nickles families is legendary in their little town of Noelle, Alberta. This year, however, the competition gets kicked up a notch when Jess Holloran discovers winning the games may just mean losing her heart.

Available Now from The Wild Rose Press

Click HERE to read reviews and an excerpt!

I know my friends all brought gifts and I’ve a few of my own to give away....starting now!
Comment about your own family traditions here and I’ll be choosing TWO names to receive the gift of fun! Each will get a Fun-Stuffed Envelope filled with lots of little surprises from myself and participating authors!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Christmas Party!!

Starting December 1st right here on here on the Sensibly Insane channel!!


....for the most part, or at least for now LOL. It took three weeks and a lot of very slooooooow progress as I had to wait until I could get into town to work on my website but at least the books are up to date now.

Check them out at and

Thanks for you patience and wait until you hear what's coming up very soon, right here on Stacy's Sensibly Insane channel!

Monday, October 20, 2008


....well, I could give you an earful about tech people who are quick to answer but slow to understand...or read previous emails as it turns out.

Sheesh, yes, if you haven't guessed, I am still trying to get my websites working properly and if they would simply keep me with one tech person instead of tossing emails in a big pool and saying 'okay, everybody grab one' then this might have been solved by now. Instead, I am talking in circles as they all come up with the same answer, for the wrong question.

It only takes one person to read correctly and I have yet to attain that tech person from the webhost yet. I have faith but it is frustrating.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


I am having a horrible time trying to get my websites updated. Dial-up doesn't help at all but until they get a tower out here in the country, that can't be helped. I've even tried at the library where they have highspeed but since sessions are only a half-hour long and people are always waiting, there isn't enough time. Once I tried it at work, but again, time is short so the site hasn't even loaded let alone given me time to go in to change anything. And, to make matters worse, the one time I did get in, the program kept giving me errors.


At home, I'll need the better part of a whole afternoon which is rather impossible with two bouncy boys---wait! Hockey season starts tonight! That always occupies the male dominated household for a few hours at least.....there may be hope yet!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Short but Sweet

Yeah, sometimes life just doesn't let you get to the computer to have fun LOL.

So, I'm darting in simply to tease.....stay tuned for I'm going to have some big release dates to tell you about VERY soon!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

New Release!

The fourth book in my Adventures of Harriet, the Half-pint Holstein series comes out October 1st!!
Show and Tell Harriet

When Harriet visits the local school, the experience isn’t quite what she thought it would be.

Available October 1st from Firedrakes Weyr!

And while you're there, check out the rest of Harriet's series....

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Party Presents

Thank you so much everyone for making my birthday so much fun!!

Now it's my turn to make someone's day....and give away my presents! I put everyone's name into a hat and had my children pull the names one at a time.....Congratulations to:

Download of The Apple of His Eye........Rebekah E

Download of The Theory of Love .........Lindsay Downs

Download of The Troll in the Chicken Coop ...........Leah

Fun-Stuffed Envelopes ...........Latesha and Raonaid

'To Imagine...' notebook and a pen ..........CJ Parker

The 'Love' bracelet .....Deidre

I'll try to contact all of you but if you read your name here and don't hear from me in the next couple of days, that probably means cyber gremlins ate the email or I didn't have a way to contact you--so email me at stacy @ (minus the spaces).

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me...and Gifts for YOU!

Yes, it's that time of year again....when you miss being a kid and getting the great parties LOL. As an adult, birthdays kinda get tucked to the side in between laundry and work....and as a wife/mother, we usually end up either baking or buying our own cake--We have to! That's like the best part of the whole day--no guilt birthday cake one day a year LOL.

What's your favorite part of a birthday?

Leave your answer and, even though it's my birthday today, I'll give away the presents today. I'll randomly be picking names and giving away the following:

~One copy of my release, The Apple of His Eye

~One copy of my release, The Theory of Love

~One copy of my children's ebook, The Troll in the Chicken Coop

~Two FUN-STUFFED envelopes full of, well, Fun stuff LOL

~One 'To Imagine is Everything' notebook and a pen


~One 'LOVE' bracelet.

Again, simply tell me your favorite part of a birthday! This is a TWO day party so feel free to invite your friends over--the more the merrier!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Singing with a new Release Date!!

The first book in my new series of short stories from The Wild Rose Press will be released this January! I think it may also be my new favorite cover!!

Singing their hearts out at the Lonesome Star Karaoke Bar...

Karaoke Cowgirl

How far would you go to attract the man of your dreams? Ally Standish re-invents herself every Saturday night to sing for her cowboy. But when they come face to face in the light of a normal day—and he discovers the real Ally—will he let her sing him more love songs or will the music die for good.

Available January 21, 2009 from The Wild Rose Press.

In the meantime, check out my other titles HERE

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Need the tunes....

I don't like's too much empty space to give my mind a chance to go off on it's own tangents that can lead down to some disturbing roads --things like, it's tooooo quiet, must be an intruder just outside waiting to crash my door down or a wicked warlock standing on my roof about to crash through the universal portal....or...the oppressive silence must mean my boss is mad at me or my children are definitely doing something they shouldn't--okay, so the last one is usually true but the others, you know, riduculous thoughts that are never true but you can't stop thinking anyway.

So, needless to say, music is a large part of my life, even just as a filler, behind the scenes sound to keep the voices in my head at bay. But it is also a huge inspiration for me. Writing wise, I've taken to choosing--well, that may not be the right word because I don't exactly sit and choose one, they sort of just pop that it's the right song--for stories. One song that coveys the deeper meaning of my story--And, just to let you into my crazy mind for a scary moment, I've taken to making up music videos in my head as if my story were a movie--Oh wouldn't it be wonderful if we could do montages in books, get over those painful parts and just snap the WOW moments like they do in videos! Sorry, back to the sane part of my world, the music inspires a feeling about the story which helps me stay in the mood and convey the emotions needed whether deep, funny, sad, or angry.

In my home life, I've taken my music with me now with my MP3 always in my purse so walks at lunch, filing in the horridly dark and scary back building are more tolerable. Working out is, well, working out so much better now that I have my own tunes versus what they play over the MUSAC or CD's at the fitness place. It's amazing the difference in my heart rate when I use there's or my own, and I get a far better work out.

Now, I'm sure none of this is surprising and you all use music in your own ways--I was simply inspired to write this today because I just bought a new compilation CD with some songs that I LOVE and know will get me movin' and a grovin' and I can't wait to head out to my work-out later today to try them out.

How do you use music in your life and work??

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Money = Diapers...forever!

To start off, no, I'm not pregnant nor are planning for another child LOL....this is how the title of the blog came to be...

So, we're in the car coming back from grocier shopping--discussing prices as usual--when my husband casually reminds me of the money we'll need for the boys' activity classes which start Wednesday night. Oh crap, right. Then he also adds that we'll probably need another XX amount of money Thursday night for the boys' school BBQ meet and greet the teachers' night...oh yeah...and then of course, their peewee bowling league starts Saturday morning...riiiiight, Damn.

Are you see where this is going?

So, there I was in the car thinking aloud as I so often do to the disgruntled patience of my husband, that how we thought it was sooooo great when the kids were finally out of diapers--how much money we'd save without that whopping added expense every week.

You know what---we're still paying for diapers! A rose by any other name is still arose--money for children by any other names still adds up to diapers. Buying diapers is simply the necessity of reality of how expensive children really are....and continue to be. A pre-practice if you will. You never stop putting out diaper money because you never stop forking out funds here and there to keep your children happy, dry of boredum, and learning.

So, sorry to depress the new parents out there but a word of warning, diapers may come and go but keep adding that diaper money into an account for the next few years because you're gonna need it LOL!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Just Dance

Been a bit of a bummer day already and it's barely noon. You would think you would gain more time after the kids are back to school but for some mythological reason only the universe knows, you don't--no matter how much you plan it out.

Oh, on the topic of those weird mythological reasons only the universe knows and school, another is the sleep in factor--not ours, kids. Seriously, my oldest woke up anywhere between 5:30 and 6:15 am every morning of the summer. EVERY MORNING. Since school started, he has to get up at 6:45...and it's like waking the dead! He literally rolls over and starts snoring again. And you can't say he's simply tired from school, this started the FIRST DAY--like someone threw a sleep switch. I swear, School should be a season of it's own with school School Savings Time and everything.

I'm trying to adapt a new philosophy and not stress out about things as much as I used to....because all you can really do when the universe doesn't give you a dance.

'Cause, hey, even a superhero has bad days (and bad dances LOLOLOL)!

Sunday, September 7, 2008


After a doctor's visit the other day, I now have two of my fingers taped up. You see, I broke my right pinky, six weeks ago. Yeah, I hear you--why the heck did I wait six weeks? Well, sort of one of those weird stories......

About six weeks ago, during the last play of our baseball fun-night, I smashed my poor pinkie beneath the oversized soccer-baseball we were using. I figured I just sprained it so didn't bother getting it checked out. After two weeks and it still hurt, I figured I better get it check out but kept putting it off--after all, it's only a little pinkie finger. But, you know, you don't realize how much you use it until you don't have it.

So, I kept telling myself to make the appointment, promptly forgetting two minutes later. Then I had a really bad case of step-throat and I honestly didn't care about anything but breathing and forcing water down for almost two weeks (a whole other story I don't want to relive-too scary) I was still recovering when we had our family trip to Prince Edward Island. Now, yes, through this time my digit still hurt and I mentioned a number of times on the trip that I really needed to get it looked at when we got back as it was getting worse rather than better. So we finally get home and I make the appointment...for two weeks later (hey, I was impressed I could get in to my doctor that soon LOL)

After the doctor squeezed it and says a stupid question like, "Does that hurt?" while I'm hissing in pain and clenching my teeth, he says that after six weeks it's pretty academic that I probably broke something, sent me for xrays and showed me how to tape it up. Now, I have been the rather fortunate sort not to have broken a bone in my life up to this point so stupid me says, "What? For a few days then?" Yes, he laughed. No AT LEAST three or four WEEKS.

Yeah, so takes a bit of getting used to typing wise and, really, only the 'p' key is my enemy so I figure I got off lucky.

Now I'm just praying he doesn't call me back because he only said he would if he saw something in the xrays that needed surgery (yikes!)

Moral of the matter how small, get it check out earlier!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Rolling Sweet Deal!!

The Wild Rose Press is celebrating their Vintage Rose line all month with 10% off books in this line....and it just so happens one is a story of mine. If you like reading about the past...and especially want to reminisce about the Seventies, then have I got a sweet deal for you!!

Bobby Hues has his eye on the Disco Angel jiving around Electric Nights Roller Disco. But what would Miss Spring Break 1976 and the foxiest chick he’d ever laid eyes on want with a lowly grease monkey like himself?

Summer Benton’s heart started racing the minute she rolled her broken down ride into Bobby’s garage. When he gets a gig working at her favorite hang out, she thinks she has it made—but the quiet hunk still isn’t talking. A little push on her part starts the wheels rolling—in the wrong direction. Now she has to figure out how to lose the wrong guy, and convince the right one she digs him enough to be his Disco Angel, forever.

Get 10% off before the special is over!
That's only $1.35! One dollar and thirty five cents!
(I'd say that it's only the price of a coffee and ask you to give up one coffee for a day but that would be cruel....BUT giving up the donut to go with that coffee would help you lose weight! So go on, save a pound and give up the donut for a day and read Disco Angel with your coffee instead!)
Click HERE to get Disco Angel today!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

September is Here

...and a new

If you'll all forgive me, I'm simply going to blame my absence on summer this year--although, it wasn't really a summer up here with the crappy weather LOL.

But I'm back and should be blogging at least twice a week I hope.

Our family went on vacation to Prince Edward Island last month so I thought I'd share some pictures! (Yes, totally what you wanted, I know)

This is me on the shores in our little cove and below is the red sand that the whole island is made of. It is really a great place to go and I'd highly recommend it to anyone!


Monday, July 21, 2008

Computer Problems

Of course, this only happens when you have deadlines.

And it's not just work that I'm missing....

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Child--chicken pox. Need I say more...

...what a way to start the summer LOL.

Friday, June 27, 2008