Sunday, January 27, 2008

The best friends ever!!

So, I finished the radio show (see below post) which was really cool to do, kinda like chatting on the phone with friends. Immediately after it was all over, my IM went nuts and my critique partners conferenced me in to whoops and hollars and lots and lots and lots of kudos......they had all tuned in and listened--They are the absolute best friends ever!!


  1. Yay! Major congrats hon! I know I've been doing a poor job of being your number one fan lately, but I still love your writing!!

  2. Luv ya, Toni Sue!! Thanks so much!

  3. Again, sorry I missed you, Stacy.

    Woohoooooooo to your friends for giving you the support you deserve!

    Donna Michaels

  4. The radio show was divine. You did an amazing job!