Sunday, January 27, 2008

Me...a radio personality??

Not really (but how cool would that be LOL) but I guess I'm getting my fifteen minutes of fame this afternoon on a internet radio talk show to help promote the grand opening of Firedrakes Weyr and my new children's series The Adventures of Harriet, the Half-Pint Holstein.

Oh! I got the cover---what do you think?

Now, this afternoon should be fun because yesterday I woke up with an awful cold and my voice cracks like a twelve year old boy during puberty--not good. Also, if I'm not there, then I'm probably at the emergency room from a humilating spill during the family skate we're taking the boys to just before LOL--it's been YEARS since I've ice-skated, so I figure I'll probably be falling more than them LOL.

So, if you have some time this Sunday (Jan 27th) afternoon, come visit me on the radio at 3pm EST click on the radio above and follow link to listen to the Dragon's Den of PIVTR. Or you can follow the link on Firedrakes Weyr's website. (If all else fails, try the Listen Live and see what happens LOL--this is a first for me too)


  1. You'll do swell, Stacy!

    Miss Mae
    See No Evil, My Pretty Lady

  2. You'll be wonderful!!

  3. Good luck with your interview. Take a spoonful of honey a few minutes before it starts. It will help sooth your throat. :)

    And I love the cover! Too cute!

  4. I'll try to listen, but have never done it before. Good luck skating and with your voice in the interview.

  5. I know you're going to do fabulous Stacy!
    Maggie Toussaint

  6. Thank you everyone!

    Thankfully, I did manage to stay on my feet---can't say the same for my youngest LOL.

    And the show went pretty well, I wasn't as nervous as I thought I'd be. I'll see what I can do about getting a link to the archive.

  7. Congrats, Ms. Radio Personality You!

    Sorry I missed it. Hope you get that link!

    Donna Michaels