Thursday, January 17, 2008


A few people have been tagging me left right and center, namely Adelle and Emma so I figure I should get to it LOL.

The general rules I guess are to tell you seven unusual things about myself and then tag seven people, so here goes:

1. Well, now you all know that I dabble in art. It was always a hobby so never really told people.

2. My secret hope for this children's series is to have Harriet made into a stuffed animal--how cool would that be.

3. Hubby is home on holiday, both kids are in school today--you figure out the math if I'm not online a lot today *g*

4. Popcorn does not replace potatoe chips no matter how many topping you try to put on it

5. I am easily distracted and play in my own head a lot....I can easily miss a whole conversation if I'm having a better one with the characters in my head

6. I'm not a traveller. I like staying home.

7. Hubby is calling--I really need to get off......the computer

(bet you all thought I was a blushing sweet writer LOL--you ain't seen nothin' yet)


...but I'll have to let them know later...kinda busy right now *g*


  1. Hey Stacy! Great list! :)

    Sorry I haven't been by in a while! In all my sweepstakes research, I found this contest and thought of you -- it's a Hallmark, design your own greeting card contest! Foot in the door??