Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Snow Day!

I think this is about our third this year so far....ah the fun of living in the Great White North LOL.

It's funny though how everything you had plans never get done LOL. I've finished the illustration for my second Harriet book: The Troll in the Chicken Coop and just sent it off to the editor. I've got some crits to do and a some things to write but the weather is telling me to just curl up in front of the woodstove and read....and that's just what I think I might do today 'cause that resolution about taking time for myself hasn't actually been put into play yet LOL.


  1. We're having a snowday to day, and all I want to do is put on comfy sweats and read read read. The world can go away for a day, right?

  2. Snow days... we've had a lot of them this year and I still love curling up, staying inside and doing nothing but relaxing. =)