Monday, March 17, 2008


Ten days! did that happen? Just proves that even when it's written down on a calendar right next to your viewing area, doesn't always mean it's seen LOL. But truth, I was buried in edits and thrilled to finish a submission--a Christmas one believe it or not but the deadline was last week--and I made it!!!

But, I will let you all know doesn't matter how many times you've submitted, how many times you've got a contract, how many times you've worked with the same editor, or how many times you've had a story release.....hitting that SEND button is still VERY SCARY. Even now I'm sitting here thinking if there was something I could have done better or change, or...or...or...get me drift? Yeah, neurotic to say the least--just ask my princess crit partners.

And, while I'm here, let me wish you all a bright green day and may you all find your pot of gold dreams at the end of the rainbows....

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