Monday, April 28, 2008

Hide and Seek

Ugh, has a week seriously gone by...again? This loss of time thing has got to stop. I wish I could even say I was out smelling the roses but the torrential downpours made that not such a good idea LOL.

Nope, just been plain nuts as usual. My mom--who had a knee replacement followed closely by a middle-ear infection causing vertigo--has been needing my time as chauffer and all around Girl-Friday for the past few weeks, on top of that two of the four jobs went looney-crazy busy there for a bit while the third added an extra day a week and the fourth had two dead lines to meet, we had one weekend away which was lots of fun--a peewee bowling tournament and Blue Jays baseball game and 1/2 the family caught colds.

So, yes, time is still playing hide and seek with me....
....maybe I'll just go hide in some bubbles for awhile

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