Thursday, September 25, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me...and Gifts for YOU!

Yes, it's that time of year again....when you miss being a kid and getting the great parties LOL. As an adult, birthdays kinda get tucked to the side in between laundry and work....and as a wife/mother, we usually end up either baking or buying our own cake--We have to! That's like the best part of the whole day--no guilt birthday cake one day a year LOL.

What's your favorite part of a birthday?

Leave your answer and, even though it's my birthday today, I'll give away the presents today. I'll randomly be picking names and giving away the following:

~One copy of my release, The Apple of His Eye

~One copy of my release, The Theory of Love

~One copy of my children's ebook, The Troll in the Chicken Coop

~Two FUN-STUFFED envelopes full of, well, Fun stuff LOL

~One 'To Imagine is Everything' notebook and a pen


~One 'LOVE' bracelet.

Again, simply tell me your favorite part of a birthday! This is a TWO day party so feel free to invite your friends over--the more the merrier!


  1. Not having to say I'm sorry for getting a year older.

  2. Stacy!!! Long time no talk...I hope you have a FANTASTIC birthday!

  3. My favorite part is getting calls from all my kids wishing me happy birthday

  4. Stacy, what a sweet thing to do! My favorite part about having a birthday is being thankful for the past year (and not having to relive it ;)) AND ice cream! (Well, cake too, but ice cream!)

    Hope your birthday's a fabulous and memorable one, and may the coming year bring you lots of fulfilled dreams and new joys and hopes!

  5. Happy birthday, Stacy! My favorite part about having a birthday is simply feeling special for a whole day. Like you said, as mothers and wives, we usually take care of everyone else and get very little ourselves, so it's nice to indulge in others doing for us, if only for one day.


  6. Happy birthday, Stacy. I enjoy having the day be about me. =)

  7. I avoid birthdays and holidays but birthdays are good for one thing for me: it gives me an opportunity to look back on the past year and see how far I've come (or missed) in terms of personal growth, emotional and spiritual, and how I've measured up in learning to take time for myself such as in doing my interests (writing and now PSP).


  8. Thanks everyone for coming to my party!

    Awww, that's sweet, Lynda!

    LOL Lindsay!

    Lora! Great to hear from you!

    flchen1 and Frost, very good views indeed. If we don't grow and change in some ways, then what do we have to show for the year we were blessed with.

    Deirdre, yep mothers kinda get the short end of the stick in one way, but so much more in other ways.

    Sarah! Hi! Yep, that's true. We were always taught to put others first so it's nice to have a day just about us for a little bit.

  9. Happy Birthday, Stacy! Last year the best part of my birthday was that my kids brought me breakfast in bed and I didn't even have to ask them or remind them it was my birthday. The best part of my birthday is that I can read all day and no one will say a thing about it. No complaining because mom reads to much.

  10. my fav time is when my sons give me breakfast in bed and wait hand and foot for the day

    happy birthday stacy


  11. My favorite part of a birthday is having people make me feel special. Let's face it, in today's hectic world, feeling special isn't a luxury we get anymore. We're supposed to be selfless and put others first. That's what I love about birthdays. For one day out of my life, I have the right to feel it should be all about me. :)

    Here's hoping you have a special day, and it's all about you!

  12. My favorite part of a birthday is visiting with my family. Coming from a large family where most of them are traveling its hard to have a 'family' day. Birthdays are those days.

    Happy Birthday to you, hope its as wonderful as you're wishing.

  13. Rebekah and Angie--oh yes! When someone else waits on us for a change, that is like the best gift!

    Very true, Emma! Princess for a day, my friend told me just this morning LOL

  14. Patricia--birthdays are good for that. We're headed over to my sister's tonight to celebrate with the family

  15. I survived being hit my a car when I was 16.

    I survived oral cancer in my mid twenties.

    I survived a little bitty heart attack at the beginning of this year.

    My favorite thing about Birthdays? That's I'm still having them!

  16. Happy birthday, I hope you have a wonderful day.

    My favorite thing about birthdays is spending it with family and loved ones.

  17. blasted Google can never remember who i am (BUt is SO want you to pick me! I LOVE VINTAGE!!!) congrats on your latest, happy birthday ..
    and my fave part of B-day is getting a present i didnt expect. :)
    i love to be surprised!
    Nancy in NH
    -- hope you get a surprise!
    BTW - love the blog

  18. Happy Birthday Stacy!

    My favorite thing about my birthday... oh... I think sharing it with you is nice! *Grin* Yep, my birthday too today!

    We picked an awesome day to be born on, didn't we? *LOL*

    Hope yours brings you many delights.

    You're an awesome author. I know your imagination can dream up what those delights might be...

    Carpe Noctem,

    Desirée Lee
    Putting the Romance Back in Necromancy

  19. My fave part of a birthday is my brother. He always plans a special day and then makes me go along with it. LOL He once had me going all over wearing a gold tiara.

  20. My favorite part is seeing how many people will tell me Happy Birthday and who'll surprise me with something lol.

    Happy Birthday!

  21. Happy Birthday, Stacey. The best part of a birthday day is when your family and friends remember and wish you happy birthday without being reminded.

  22. Happy Birthday, Stacy!

    My favorite part of a birthday is definitely eating a sinful slice of cake and not feeling one bit guilty. Or if my husband takes me out to dinner... Then again, last year, he was out on travel so I spent my b-day alone. When we did go out to a Hibachi restaurant a few days later, the kids sobbed because they thought the chef was going to set them or me on fire. :/

  23. Another September b-day. Woot (mine was earlier).

    Best part of birthdays? It's not about being another year or seeing another year, it's not about presents, but it's about being with loved ones and friends, to know that you are special in their lives that they want to spend your special day with you.

    My birthdays are always great when I spend it with my family and friends. My friends made my last one rock.

  24. well my favorite part is my hubbys birthday is the day after mine so we always go to a B&B on my bday and come home on his? it's a nice get away I look forward to all year. where we go has themed rooms so it fun staying in a different one every year also. we don't usually do gifts cake and ice cream.

  25. Hey, Happy Birthday, Stacy. My favorite part is having all of my family together. As we continue to blossom, it gets harder and harder to corral them all. But, on Mom/Grandma's birthday, they all make a special effort....and I'm worth it!! lol

    Have fun at your party!


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  27. Happy Birthday All of us born in September have to stick together.It has to be the cards.I love the ones my niece gets me

  28. Happy Birthday! My favorite part is the cake and gifts. I never know what I want so it's fun seeing what my family will get me.

  29. Happy Birthday, Stacy!! Here's hoping that the day was wonderful for you.

    The best part about birthdays is that you are here to enjoy another!

  30. How sweet from you to give presents on your birthday. I hope you got some nice ones yourself. i love when friends and relatives get together on my birthday. The gifts aren't the important part, but to be together.

  31. My fav part of my birthday was waking up and finding a birthday card sitting on my computer from my daughter. Now, that's all I wish that I could get. I miss that.

  32. Also wanted to say Happy birthday to you Stacy. :

  33. My favorite part of a birthday is all the calls you get wishing you a happy birthday from family and friends.
    Happy Birthday. Hope you have a good 2 day birthday party.

  34. Morning everyone! Went to my sister's house for dinner last night and then up early for work this morning so I hadn't had a chance to get back---thank you all for the well wishes!

    CJ--I'm so glad you're still having them too!


  35. Am I too late?

    As an author of erotic romance, I guess my favorite part of birthdays is the spanking...

    LOL, just kidding. My favorite part is getting pampered by my dh. He makes me breakfast, takes me out to dinner, gives me a backrub...basically he just does whatever I want. It's heaven!