Sunday, September 14, 2008

Money = Diapers...forever!

To start off, no, I'm not pregnant nor are planning for another child LOL....this is how the title of the blog came to be...

So, we're in the car coming back from grocier shopping--discussing prices as usual--when my husband casually reminds me of the money we'll need for the boys' activity classes which start Wednesday night. Oh crap, right. Then he also adds that we'll probably need another XX amount of money Thursday night for the boys' school BBQ meet and greet the teachers' night...oh yeah...and then of course, their peewee bowling league starts Saturday morning...riiiiight, Damn.

Are you see where this is going?

So, there I was in the car thinking aloud as I so often do to the disgruntled patience of my husband, that how we thought it was sooooo great when the kids were finally out of diapers--how much money we'd save without that whopping added expense every week.

You know what---we're still paying for diapers! A rose by any other name is still arose--money for children by any other names still adds up to diapers. Buying diapers is simply the necessity of reality of how expensive children really are....and continue to be. A pre-practice if you will. You never stop putting out diaper money because you never stop forking out funds here and there to keep your children happy, dry of boredum, and learning.

So, sorry to depress the new parents out there but a word of warning, diapers may come and go but keep adding that diaper money into an account for the next few years because you're gonna need it LOL!

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  1. Yeah, the money just keeps flowing away, doesn't it?