Thursday, September 18, 2008

Need the tunes....

I don't like's too much empty space to give my mind a chance to go off on it's own tangents that can lead down to some disturbing roads --things like, it's tooooo quiet, must be an intruder just outside waiting to crash my door down or a wicked warlock standing on my roof about to crash through the universal portal....or...the oppressive silence must mean my boss is mad at me or my children are definitely doing something they shouldn't--okay, so the last one is usually true but the others, you know, riduculous thoughts that are never true but you can't stop thinking anyway.

So, needless to say, music is a large part of my life, even just as a filler, behind the scenes sound to keep the voices in my head at bay. But it is also a huge inspiration for me. Writing wise, I've taken to choosing--well, that may not be the right word because I don't exactly sit and choose one, they sort of just pop that it's the right song--for stories. One song that coveys the deeper meaning of my story--And, just to let you into my crazy mind for a scary moment, I've taken to making up music videos in my head as if my story were a movie--Oh wouldn't it be wonderful if we could do montages in books, get over those painful parts and just snap the WOW moments like they do in videos! Sorry, back to the sane part of my world, the music inspires a feeling about the story which helps me stay in the mood and convey the emotions needed whether deep, funny, sad, or angry.

In my home life, I've taken my music with me now with my MP3 always in my purse so walks at lunch, filing in the horridly dark and scary back building are more tolerable. Working out is, well, working out so much better now that I have my own tunes versus what they play over the MUSAC or CD's at the fitness place. It's amazing the difference in my heart rate when I use there's or my own, and I get a far better work out.

Now, I'm sure none of this is surprising and you all use music in your own ways--I was simply inspired to write this today because I just bought a new compilation CD with some songs that I LOVE and know will get me movin' and a grovin' and I can't wait to head out to my work-out later today to try them out.

How do you use music in your life and work??

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