Sunday, September 7, 2008


After a doctor's visit the other day, I now have two of my fingers taped up. You see, I broke my right pinky, six weeks ago. Yeah, I hear you--why the heck did I wait six weeks? Well, sort of one of those weird stories......

About six weeks ago, during the last play of our baseball fun-night, I smashed my poor pinkie beneath the oversized soccer-baseball we were using. I figured I just sprained it so didn't bother getting it checked out. After two weeks and it still hurt, I figured I better get it check out but kept putting it off--after all, it's only a little pinkie finger. But, you know, you don't realize how much you use it until you don't have it.

So, I kept telling myself to make the appointment, promptly forgetting two minutes later. Then I had a really bad case of step-throat and I honestly didn't care about anything but breathing and forcing water down for almost two weeks (a whole other story I don't want to relive-too scary) I was still recovering when we had our family trip to Prince Edward Island. Now, yes, through this time my digit still hurt and I mentioned a number of times on the trip that I really needed to get it looked at when we got back as it was getting worse rather than better. So we finally get home and I make the appointment...for two weeks later (hey, I was impressed I could get in to my doctor that soon LOL)

After the doctor squeezed it and says a stupid question like, "Does that hurt?" while I'm hissing in pain and clenching my teeth, he says that after six weeks it's pretty academic that I probably broke something, sent me for xrays and showed me how to tape it up. Now, I have been the rather fortunate sort not to have broken a bone in my life up to this point so stupid me says, "What? For a few days then?" Yes, he laughed. No AT LEAST three or four WEEKS.

Yeah, so takes a bit of getting used to typing wise and, really, only the 'p' key is my enemy so I figure I got off lucky.

Now I'm just praying he doesn't call me back because he only said he would if he saw something in the xrays that needed surgery (yikes!)

Moral of the matter how small, get it check out earlier!!

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