Thursday, October 9, 2008


I am having a horrible time trying to get my websites updated. Dial-up doesn't help at all but until they get a tower out here in the country, that can't be helped. I've even tried at the library where they have highspeed but since sessions are only a half-hour long and people are always waiting, there isn't enough time. Once I tried it at work, but again, time is short so the site hasn't even loaded let alone given me time to go in to change anything. And, to make matters worse, the one time I did get in, the program kept giving me errors.


At home, I'll need the better part of a whole afternoon which is rather impossible with two bouncy boys---wait! Hockey season starts tonight! That always occupies the male dominated household for a few hours at least.....there may be hope yet!


  1. I feel your frustration babe.... Been there.. :(

    Hope it works out for you