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Wishes and Kisses from Stacey Joy Netzel

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Now, let's all welcome Stacey Joy Netzel!!

Hi everyone! First of all, Merry Christmas! With the help of dear friends, I came up with some questions that’ll tell you a little about me and my Christmas novella, Dragonfly Dreams. You can visit for a full excerpt of this story and my others.

hat is your most memorable kiss?

First ever kiss when I was 16—I was so nervous I laughed in my date’s face. Let me set the scene. We’d been out a few times w/o a kiss. My date had joked that he was so tired he felt like he was dreaming. At the end of the night, walking along the lake beach by my house and knowing I definitely wanted a kiss, I asked him how he’d kiss me in his dream. He answered, “Like Harrison Ford kissed that woman in the movie.” (Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade) Then he leaned in, but all I could think about was Harrison Ford shoving his tongue down that woman’s throat, and I laughed. Three tries in a row, poor guy. Sad, but true, and don’t worry, there is a Happy Ending—our 16th wedding anniversary is in January.

If you could have three wishes, what would they be?

Keeping things writing related, here you have them, in this order.
1. I wish for enough $ to write full time so my husband can do whatever he wants.
2. I wish to hit the NY Times Bestseller list at least once in my career.
3. I wish for a beautiful cover EVERY time. (So far I’m good with this one.)

Suggest the actor to play as hero in your favorite book.

Oh, there’s a wish for me! Dragon Fly Dreams made into a movie. Better yet, all of them. I pick the actors and get to be on the set during filming. That’d have to take the place of wishing for a beautiful cover every time. Plus it’d take care of wish number one, which gives me a freebie…hmmm…let me think….Oh…what—you want the actor? Fine.

Jake Gyllenhaal as he looks in this picture.
(In an interview, Ellen DeGeneres teased him about carrying the bike, but personally, I think it makes perfect sense. Mmmm.)

How many kisses are in Dragonfly Dreams?

There are 8 kisses in Dragonfly Dreams, some more intense and sensual than others. Here is the beginning of number three:

Her hand found his in the darkness, seeking comfort. As he laced their fingers together, she whispered, “Goodnight.”

“Night, Loral.” He stared toward the ceiling, more aroused by her lavender scent with every breath he took. The softness of her skin seduced him. Her own shallow breathing made him wonder if she was as aware of him as he was of her. Painfully aware.

Christ, now he was the one lying here wondering. Imagining.

She shifted, and he sensed more than saw her leaning over him. Rational thought fled when her lips touched his chin, searching, finding his mouth in the dark. The harder he tried not to give in, the bolder she became, until finally he could resist her demands no more.

Ever have a birthday wish come true?

I honestly can’t remember anything specific, but then again, I wish for little things that have a chance of coming true, so maybe I have. I *worry* if I wish for something big or important I’ll jinx myself and it’ll never happen.

Shining armor, or Bad Boy blue jeans—which would you prefer to sweep you off your feet?

In my fantasy world of books and movies, I LOVE the bad boy who’s a softy at heart, but in real life, a man who took complete charge would probably drive me crazy. My husband and I are each ‘in charge’ of certain things and the balance works—mostly.


Knee-weakening, deep kisses or soft, tender kisses - which do you prefer?

After 16 years of marriage and 3 kids, I don’t get as many of the knee-weakening, deep kisses, so I completely enjoy them whenever I can get them.

Is there a movie kiss that stands out in your mind as unforgettable?

I love movies almost as much as books, so I’ve got more than one movie kiss and even a couple TV ones. Ross and Rachel’s first kiss on Friends is forever in my heart. The kiss at the end of The Cutting Edge is a close second, even though it’s not very intense. Kevin Costner’s Robin Hood: when he says to Marion, “I’d die for you,” and then kisses her…<>. Lastly, there’s a scene in the movie Days of Thunder (Nascar movie with Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman) that I always remember. As for another TV one, a recent episode of Chuck had a great kiss that I had to rewind and watch a few times. Oh-wait, I almost forgot the kiss in One Fine Day! George Clooney and Michelle Pheiffer—George makes my heart race in that scene.

Share one of your reviews with us.

Linda at Fallen Angel Reviews gave Dragonfly Dreams 5 Angels: “I adored Dragonfly Dreams. Once I started reading, it was hard to stop. It is a tale that tugs at the heart and makes one feel the Christmas season any time of the year. Jake and Loral are likable, sweet, and make a good hero/heroine. Their characteristics bring out their beauty and compassion, not to mention the chemistry that heats between them. Stacey Joy Netzel pens an engaging read where emotions run high and love runs deeper. I like the way she links the two brothers with their confrontations and challenges. She makes Jake a wonderful person that would win any woman’s heart. So sit back and enjoy a page-turner that warms all the way to the toes. You won’t be disappointed in this splendid story.”

Set the scene for your ideal kiss.

This story is not yet contracted, but I’d LOVE to be Janelle. (As long as I have a VERY warm coat. )

Janelle’s step faltered and her breath caught in her throat. At the bottom of the church steps was a horse drawn sleigh, outlined with tiny white lights. Jingle bells broke the silence as the team of horses shifted restlessly in their harnesses. Her hand rose to cover her mouth when she recognized the black-legged bays. George and Jasper.

Swallowing back tears, she focused on the man leaning against the side of the sleigh. He looked amazing dressed in a black tux and a snowy white shirt minus the tie. His gaze caught hers when he pushed away from the sleigh and started up the steps. Her knees trembled, and when he stopped two steps down from her at eye level, she just knew he could hear her heart pounding in her chest.

“Merry Christmas, Janelle.”

Everyone has their own idea of SEXY, what’s yours?

Strong hands, muscled forearms, sleeveless shirt, dark eyes…LOL. I’m not specifically describing the above picture, I just happened to find a picture of Jake that fit my idea of sexy. Lucky me, my husband fits that description, too.

So, how hard was it to come up with all the S questions?

Obviously, not easy, otherwise I’d have a better one than this at the end. However, it gives me a chance to thank my wonderful NovelFriends, Donna, Jamie and Dulcie for suggesting some fun questions. Thanks girls!


To be eligible for my prize today, a $10 gift certificate for The Wild Rose Press, answer one of the above questions in the comment area. Give me some good stories! A second winner will receive a free download of If Tombstones Could Talk, my short ghost romance.

Thank you for visiting and I Wish you lots of Kisses this Christmas!


  1. What a great post! So much fun, and with such interesting questions and answers. I enjoyed every one of them, but the birthday wish question really made me smile. I did have a special birthday wish come true, about fifteen years ago. That year I really missed my dad, and told my husband I wished he could be with us for my birthday dinner. Imagine my surprise when my dad walked in, smiling and carrying a big bottle of champagne! It was one of my most memorable birthdays ever. Thanks for reminding me of that special day this morning! :)

  2. Hi, Sarita--what a wonderful memory! Kudos to your husband for acting on your comment instead of just letting it pass. :)

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Again, really fun idea, Stacey! And let me give you a quick plug for If Tombstones Could Talk, which I think is so unique and well-written. I loved it and I know anyone who reads it will, too. :-)

    Okay, my idea of sexy...since I'm working on galleys for Meant To Be, I still have this picture of Garrett in my head that I think is super sexy. Black t-shirt stretched taught over his muscular chest and and arms, faded, ripped Levi's, and a pair of black motorcycle boots (or shitkickers *G*). And he's massaging the heroine's shoulders, so his biceps are bulging...LOL

  4. GREAT picture, Donna! Yeah, that fits in with my idea of sexy, too. Thanks for the plug on ITCT. :) Now finish those galleys already. LOL

  5. The best kiss in a movie!! There are so many, especially the older movies, they definitely lip locked in most of the movies, but the one that comes to me is a little newer, not much thou. It is between Baby & Johnny in Dirty Dancing. I really liked that movie when it first came out.

  6. This is a great movie kiss, Judy. :) Thanks so much for sharing and have a great day!

  7. Stacey, great questions - I love the one about your first kiss! My first kiss was when I was 15 and a freshman in high school. Jim was my first official boyfriend and quarterback of the freshman football team. We were sitting in the quad after school one day and he leaned over and kissed me, a totally wet one where he invaded my mouth with his tongue. Yuck! I hated it, thought it was gross, couldn't wait to get away from him, and then broke up with him a few days later. LOL

    One of my favorite "movie" kisses of late was on True Blood when Sookie has had a terrible day after her grandmother's funeral and she's just waiting for nightfall to see Bill, the vampire again. He knows she needs him and as soon as the sun sets, he races across the field that divides their houses. She knows he's coming and she rushes outside in a long white nightgown and they meet in the field and share a kiss. It was so romantic.

  8. "...invaded my mouth with his tongue." LOL This is great, Carol, and so familiar! I broke up with Wayne after he told me he loved me after a month of dating because at 16 it freaked me out! (again, 16 years Jan 23rd).

    Thanks so much for stopping by. The True Blood kiss sounds really good. No cable here. Oh well. There will be DVD's to rent in the future. :)

  9. My idea of sexy is a man who sees you with his heart, not with his eyes.

  10. So true, Lex. :) Thanks for the visit and Happy Holidays!

  11. Hope you're feeling better Stacey!

    Oh how cool Sarita!

    Thanks everyone for joining us!!!

  12. Hi, Stacy and Stacey!

    Extremely clever questioning! Hm... my idea of sexy includes someone smart, funny, generous, competent, and big-hearted--tall, dark, and handsome are nice, too, but the other stuff really makes a difference!

  13. Hi Stacey,
    Nice interview. Your hero/hubby, sounds like my kind of man too.

  14. My idea of a sexy man is a man who love me just the way I am.


  15. Great interview! Now I know more about you, Stacey.

    Best kiss in a movie is the first time Kevin Costner kisses Susan Sarandon in Bull Durham. (And that love scene in the kitchen. Oh my.) Runner up would be Tom Cruise and Renee Zellwegger in Jerry Maquire, when he kisses her on her sister's front stoop. That was an awesome kiss.

  16. Had to take a nap to settle my stomach--so, a little better, Stacy, but not 100% just yet.

    flchen1--great way to look at sexy, too. I've noticed that a guy who's not the best looking at first glance but has a great personality becomes better and better looking as you get to know him. On the flip side, there's nothing like a georgous jerk to kill sexy.

    Hey Margaret--I wouldn't trade my man for anyone. There's a few things I'd love to change :), but then again, I write in pajamas A LOT, so who am I to talk?

    Loretta--that's a great wish for all of us this Christmas. Someone to love us just the way we are. :)

    Edie--I admit I've never watched Bull Durham the entire way through. But I love Jerry Maguire and yes, that's another great kiss. :)

    Thank you all for stopping by! Hope all is going well with your Christmas preparations.

  17. oooh... sexy is.... Dennis Quaid and Ellyn Barkin in The Big Easy... omg. :::siiiiiigh:::

    What a fun interview!

    good luck

  18. Another one I haven't watched, Nan. I'm going to have to start a list if it's sigh worthy. :) That's good though. Thanks for coming by. :)

  19. My friend Kris tried to post this but it wouldn't accept--so I'm adding it for her because it's too good not to. :)

    Great interview! I have to get Dragonfly Dreams! I'm doing an All-Books Christmas this year--everyone on my list is getting a book this year. Your will be a great one to give as a gift! (as well as read myself. grin)

    Let's see...first kiss...ah, yes. I was maybe 14? I took care of horses at a little barn near my house. There was one guy who boarded his Appaloosa there. I loved that horse, and I was awestruck by the boy. He was older--maybe 17? He was also tight, taut, and totally bad news. :-)

    One day, after spending time together for months, just riding and grooming our horses, he said, "Wanna go out? Be my girlfriend?"

    I thought he was joking. I laughed and said, "Sure!"

    Then he leaned forward and kissed me. I swear, the electricity that jumped through my body is still running through it, over 20 years later. Man.


    Merry Christmas!


    Thanks for sharing that awesome memory, Kris! :)

  20. I still prefer the Kiwi or pineapple question. :P

    Wonderful interview, thanks for sharing

  21. Delia, I know! It was a back-up question, I swear. :) Truth is, I love them both, and if that's the flavor on my hubby's lips when he kisses me, all the better.

    How's that?

  22. This was a wonderful post.The idea of Sexy?To me it is the strong ,silent,and shy type.

  23. I think sexy is a man who can keep me up all night and still get up with the baby with a smile.

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. Knee-weakening deeps kisses are faboo! I'm married too but nothing...every compares to the first kiss...I still remember every detail of the first kiss between myself and my hubby. He still claims that he was more nervous than me. LOL

    Best movie kiss....has anyone television kisses? Two stand out in my mind and that is from Buffy when she and Spike kiss passionately and get it one with one of the hottest scenes in television. They literally tear the house down. LOL

    Or, how about Liz and Max from Roswell when he sweeps the bowl of strawberries off the counter and onto the floor and puts her up on the counter top. Grrr....

    Hmmm...just realized that my two fave scenes are featuring a vampire and an alien! LOL

  26. Hope a good sleep helped today Stacey. No fun being sick around Christmas!

    I saw a great Kiss on a Sunday afternoon movie yesterday....but I can't remember the title LOL. All the boys were downstairs watching the football game so I got some girlie time with a good movie LOL

  27. Great interview, Stacey!

    Best kiss... One I remember loving is in Bridget Jones' Diary. When Bridget and Mark Darcy kiss there at the end. Beautiful!

    To me, sexiness begins with intense and intelligent eyes.


  28. Stacey,
    Fun blog!
    I loved your first kiss story. From what I've heard Harison Ford is a lousy kisser. Poor guy. It's one thing to be a bad kisser and another for the entire world to know it. Of course, that was just one co-star's POV. may have been better off with your DH's real kiss. :-)

    I've enjoyed all your books, but I especially LOVED If Tombstones could talk. It's sigh worthy.

  29. dlynnpen--that's a very good definition of sexy. :) Just don't ever try to discuss your feelings with men like that. :)

    lindseye--LOL--that's great and SO true. :) Love it.

    Kerri--I started watching Buffy more when Spike became the love interest and I really like the way he wanted her so bad! Though I don't specifically recall that scene--I wasn't a faithful watcher. Now, Roswell, I LOVED that show! Max was the best! Haven't met many people who even knew about it, but hubby and I watched it regilously. Big Grin! I could see getting that series on DVD.

    Stacy--I am feeling a little better but had to work today, so that's why I'm late checking in. Sorry guys! Now you got me wanting to know the movie, though!

    Chiron--good to see you here--good eyes are a must! I love dark eyebrows to highlight the eyes. I've only seen Briget Jone's Diary one time, so unfortunately, it's not a kiss that has stuck with me--but I take your word for it that it's good. :)

    Hey Laurel! Thanks so much for you kind words. :) And yes, once I finally let my hubby kiss me, I've got nothing to complain about.

    Thank you all so much for taking the time to stop, read and comment. I look forward to putting all your names in the hat and drawing the winners later tonight. :) Well, one of my kids will draw.

  30. I'm leaving work now and we've got a major snowstorm piling 7-14 inches of snow on Green Bay tonight and into tomorrow, so I may not get internet service tonight, and I work tomorrow at 7am, so I'm going to ask Stacy to draw the 2 lucky winners and notify me who to send the gift certificate and If Tombstones Could Talk to. With the darn snow and work, I might not be online again until Wed. am, but I'll try for sooner!

    Thanks to everyone who participated and if I can get online, I will!

    Stacey Joy Netzel
    Merry Christmas!!!

  31. Lots of snow--but I still got online. (surprising with our satellite internet) My older son is annoyed his school district hasn't cancelled for tomorrow (Tues) yet, and the two littler ones are wearing their pj's inside out in hopes they get a snow day (teacher's suggestion).

    Good luck in the drawing everyone!

  32. Clever idea for a post, Stacey. My first kiss? Holy, that was a looooong time ago. I don't really remember the exact time, but I remember I liked it LOL
    In a movie... The movie Mask with Cher. When the blind girl kisses Rocky despite his disfigurement. Definitely a tear jerker moment. Happy Holidays, and I hope you feel better today.