Friday, December 19, 2008

Wishes and Kisses Welcomes Johanna Riley!

Last post's winners were Diane Craver and Drea! Send an email to stacy @ (no spaces) by December 31, 2008 to claim to prize


Sometimes I think I’m going to grow up to be a hermit. The world is a very scary place, and I’d much prefer the sanctuary of my own cabin in the woods. Just think how wonderful it would be…me, my equally grouchy husband, and my psychotic cat, all alone with all the other homicidal maniacs who call the woods their home. Sigh. Doesn’t it sound like paradise?

But since I have to stay in the city surrounded by 1.999 million other people, I escape into the world of writing. For the most part, my characters are opposite of me. They are happy, outgoing and their cats like them. Yes, this is my fantasy.

I started writing romance at around 12-years-old. I hadn’t a clue about technique, I only knew I wanted to tell a story. My characters have always had a mind of their own. Some writers say they can control them, but I definitely can’t. I get direction in my head, know exactly where my story is supposed to go, but those pesky characters will look at me, smirk and say “whatever!” When Zach, the Guardian Angel popped into my head, I knew I had to give him a story—a romance. He was such a sweet guy, and sexy! And he never gave me a moment of grief during the writing process. I couldn’t just leave him hanging around in the heavens with no one to love. In enters Kate. She’s sassy, smart and loving, and she’s just lost her father. Finally, a character I can relate to. After my dad died, I always wondered if he was watching me from Heaven, and if so Dad, I’m so sorry you had to see me do that thing at that place—nope, sorry, can’t share that story today.

Anyway, when Kate’s father died, I knew it would be the perfect opportunity to show just what happens when our loved ones pass on before us (or my interpretation anyway). Kate’s father barters with the Elder Angels to give Kate a chance at love. After much cajoling they send down Zach, who has been Kate’s Guardian her entire life. Zach is already in love with her, but when he gets the opportunity to hold her for the first time he knows there is no going back. Their first kiss is a bit of a shock to us all, I mean, she literally falls against his lips. Ouch! But when Zach puts his mind to it, that boy can sizzle.

And that ramble leads me to…kisses! I’ve had all types of kisses—wet, hard, loud, kitty—but there is one kiss I love most of all. It’s the kiss my husband gives me in the early morning hours, when he’s leaving to golf and I’m still in bed. He pulls the covers around my shoulders, and brushes the softest, sweetest kiss on my forehead. Those kisses are so cherished and blessed always make me feel mushy inside.

Today I’m giving away a free download of my Christmas story, Christmas Angel. If you’d like your name to go in the drawing, send an email to Johanna @ (minus the spaces) with the subject Wishes & Kisses for Zach.

I wish for you that all your dreams come true, and may you have a lifetime of kisses.



  1. The fantasy sounds great, but I can promise you about the time you move to the woods, they would make a city out of it. We live in a rural area, but the city is moving in on both sides of us (FAST)!! I enjoyed your story and Christmas Angel was lovely!! I put my name into the drawing!!

  2. OH what a nice entry. Im def sending my name in too, the story sounds like so much fun!

  3. When you say 'that thing at that place,' are you talking about that time you told us about and promised to hunt us down with Chauncey the chainsaw if we ever breathed a word, or is this some other That time?

  4. LOLOL Bron! My lips are sealed!

    So much fun to have you here Jo!

  5. Judy--You're totally right. I bought a house on the farthest edge of town, with no neighbors, and now I'm surrounded by houses. I just can't escape, no matter how many times I break out of the nuthouse.

    Rottie_mom--thank you. I had a blast writing this story. My dear crit partners were instrumental in helping me make it pretty. :)

    Bron--No, not that time. The OTHER time, I did that thing at that place. Sheesh. Even my cat had to avert her eyes. Man, was that clean up ever messy.

    Stacy--thank you for having me here. I'm having a blast. Hopefully my insanity doesn't scare away your readers. :)

    Cherie--thank you for the compliment!

    And thank you guys all for hanging out with me today!

  6. Johanna,
    Your story sounds great and I love your idea of escaping from reality. Only trouble with that for me, I don't like to live far from the conveniences of modern life.

  7. The story sounds wonderful. Thanks for the contest! When my husband retired we moved to a lovely small town. It is wonderful if you don't mind going 45 miles to get to a mall!

  8. Johanna, this sounds so beautiful. There's something so special about the Christmas reads. It makes the holiday fill fuller for me when I read more of these romances. Too, what a beautiful romantic and colorful cover. Its perfect!

  9. Latesha--give me satellite TV, my internet connection and a cell phone and I'm all set. :) Ooh, and don't forget the fireplace.

    Martha--I can do without a mall, but I've got to have a hospital real close, so not sure how well I'd actually do in a small town. :)

    Caffey--Thank you. This is one of my favorite covers.

    Thank you guys for visiting with me. Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas.