Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wishes and Kisses with Bronwyn Storm!

Last post's winners were Judy and LJ White!! Email me at stacy @ (no spaces) by Dec. 31st to claim your prizes!

Today I'm tickled to have my friend Bronwyn Storm.....

Be careful what you wish for. How often have we heard that old adage? But what happens when you didn’t mean to make a wish? That’s exactly what happens to Aggie, the heroine in my novella “The Genie’s Curse.”

See, she’s been in love with Dillon since the day he moved into the condo next to her. He’s funny, smart, sexy. The boy even loves to cook! He’s everything she’s ever wanted. Too bad he sees her as his best friend.

What’s a girl to do?

Move, Aggie decides...but how do you leave the one you love? Aggie takes a walk to contemplate that very question. A dark night, roots in the undergrowth, a fateful fall lead Aggie to discover a cursed lamp and an adorable kitten genie named Ebony.
Because of the genie union, Aggie has to make a wish—only, any wish will go horribly wrong. In her efforts to help Ebony, an inadvertent, “sometimes I just wish I was in Dillon’s arms,” signals the beginning of the biggest adventure she’s ever had--she ends up in his arms, all right, as a dog!

Aggie’s about to discover the power of friendship, love, and just why dogs love toilet bowls!

Available from The Wild Rose Press

From wishes to kisses...

Kisses. So many kinds, so many delicious variations. A girl can spend the day exploring all the different types and never get bored—though she may need a basketful of lip gloss!
Nessie Helph never expected to spend her days dreaming about kissing her new boss, but when she meets Leo Schumacher, kissing is just the tip of the sexy iceberg! Too bad he’s got a reputation for cutting much so, he’s known as The Lumberjack.

How can a girl think about kisses and cuddles when her job hangs in the balance?

Good thing Nessie has a plan for everything.

She’s going to wow him with her shoe designs, amaze him with her managerial skills—heck, she’ll astonish him with punctuality! Nessie’s set, prepared—and completely out of her depth. A casual meeting turns into a fiasco when her attraction gets the better of her common sense and she kisses him...

Is Nessie about to be felled by her impetuous behavior, or does she have what it takes to keep her job, get the promotion, and win the boy?

Available from The Wild Rose Press


Bronwyn sent me a bunch of goodies to hand out for the blogfest so leave a comment about an unusual wish or kiss that you've had and I'll randomly pick one to win them!!


  1. The weirdest kiss was when an ex kissed me right under my nose, not my lip, but under the nose or behind my earlobe.

    The most unusual was something my bf did a couple months ago was but a lemon drop in his mouth. we started making out and he slid that into mine.

  2. An unusual wish that I had which did work out beautifully was to give birth to my first son on my birthday. It happened on that date and was a complete surprise.
    A cute kiss that I had from soneone close was on the tip of my nose which I enjoyed.

  3. I did receive a weird kiss from an admirer who I dumped, silly me because it was delightful and now I realize my mistake.

  4. Both books sound great. I wish I did have an unusual wish or kiss to make comments about.

  5. LOL those are so cute! And yes, traveler, what a great wish to come true!!

  6. My kiss is not unusual but very special. It's always when my 3 yo grandson throws his arms around me, kisses me and says, "I love you Nana".

  7. The most unusual kiss I have had is when my ex actually ASKED me if he could kiss me. I thought it was very sweet and it was unexpected.

  8. A special kiss? We have all had to kiss a few toads on the way to finding our Prince.This was a trip down memory lane for me.The most unusual one was from my Prince Charming oddly enough.I was fussing and all of sudden he armed me up and gave me the toe curling passionate kiss that took me by suprise that I forgot what I was fussing about.To this day I still can't remember why I was