Sunday, December 21, 2008

Wishes and Kisses with Candice Gilmer!

Last post's winners were Jennifer and Anne-Katherine! Johanna has an email sailing your way!


First off, I have to thank Stacy for putting together this Wishes and Kisses Christmas promotion. Letting a bunch of women get together and talk about the wonders of the season?
How fun is that?

I just love a first kiss. Whether it’s on a television show I have been watching, and they FINALLY kiss, or in a book when the hero and heroine FINALLY get over themselves and KISS. My heart pitter patters, I get a big, cheesy grin on my face, and I bite my lip, excited and thrilled for the couple.

Maybe it’s because I love good sexual tension, like that tension between Booth and Brennan on Bones. There’s just something that makes that first kiss so much more awesome when the tension is thick between the protagonists.

And because I just love that first kiss and that first moment of a couple being together, I have to share the first kiss from my book Fantasy Girl, available now at Samhain publishing...


“I’m going to say this once, and then we’re going to move on. I like you a lot, Lynn. You’re very smart, you’re good at your job and you’re very sexy. So whatever man told you you’re ugly, I’d like to hunt him down and beat…”

“No man ever told me I was ugly,” I said, cutting Jack off. Which was true. They didn’t have to—my dating record was enough to prove that. Considering the last date I went on when the guy was actually interested in me was well over a year ago, and there’d been no prospects since then… Well a girl gets the hint eventually.

Wait a second.

Did he just say I was sexy?

I must have heard him wrong… And if I did, do I really want to know what he really said?

Hell no.

“So why are you convinced that I don’t see it?” Jack’s voice was a bit softer, but still, it pulled me from my mental reverie.

Reality came crashing down on me. “Have you seen me?” My hands ran over the air around my body, like Vanna White trying to show off her dress or something. ’Course, she is way prettier and better dressed than I am.

“Yeah.” That intense stare glared back at me.

“Mousy hair.” I flipped out a piece of my hair.

“Glossy soft hair.” Jack moved closer.

“Pathetic boobs.” I gestured to my chest.

“Perfectly sized chest.” He took another step closer.

“Fat pooch on hips.” The air suddenly got very thick in the elevator.

“Nice round curves.” He was practically on top of me.

I cowered back. “You’re not playing fair.” I leaned back into the wall as he pinned me against the rail again. He loomed over me, his chest mere millimeters from mine, his left leg brushing my thigh. Powerful flares of flames seared me at the somewhat passive contact.

Oh my God in Heaven, who is this man? What’s he doing?

“Perfect little lips that crave to be kissed.”

Thank God for being a good creator and actually attaching the eyeballs inside the head, because with that comment, I’m sure mine would have fallen out and rolled around on the floor right then.


He leaned in closer. His lips grazed mine. “Yes?”

“Are you?” No more time for questions. Jack’s lips met mine in a tender kiss on the lips, and I swear, I think I growled. And it wasn’t even a real kiss, and I growled. I’m so done for.

Then the brat had to press harder on my lips.

Oh, man, I’m in so much trouble.


Did you love it? Did you need more? Well, here’s your chance! Post a comment today in the blog with your favorite couple from a book, television, or movie, and I’ll randomly draw one winner to get a copy of Fantasy Girl.

Thanks again to Stacy for putting this together!

Candice Gilmer
Romance, laughter and tears
Fantasy Girl is available from Samhain:
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  1. Ahh . . . great excerpt. Thanks!
    My favorite couple from a movie is Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock in Speed. That kiss at the end of the movie? My favorite.

    Cheryl S.

  2. Great excerpt, Candice. I really need to see what happens next. Have to say I always loved Rhett and Scarlett in Gone with the Wind.

  3. Buffy and Angel, I just wanted everything to be okay with them.


  4. Great excerpt!! I enjoyed Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy in Pride & Prejudice.

  5. Yes- I loved the excerpt! Sounds GREAT!
    My favorite kiss- hmm have to think a bit but maybe Hawkeye (Daniel Day Lewis) and Cora in the Fort in Last of the Mohicans; or Robin (Kevin Costner) and Marian after the sword fight near the end of Robin Hood.

  6. More please! This sounds great and I have it on my wishlist! Ben Affleck and Liv Tyler in Armageddon and Cary Elwes and Robin Wright Penn in The Princess Bride.

  7. The excerpt was great thanks,
    I'm going to have to say when Pacey (Joshua Jackson)and Joe(Katie Holmes) first kissed in dawson's creek, That was my favorite show when i was a teenager, I remember it so clearly they were screaming at each other on the side of the road and he just grabed her a kissed her and I couldn't help but to feel like everything was right in the world if only for a sec.


  8. Hi Candace!! So love those first kisses too!! Beautiful reading, thanks for the peek. Too congrats on your samhain release!

    Oh I have so many favorite couples in books! I shall go with one I read recently and that was Eloisa and Drake in THE WICKED GAMES OF A GENTLEMAN by Jillian Hunter. He sure could have her just be lifted away with his kisses!

  9. I still like Dharma and Greg and their relationship.

  10. Oh my, everyone has just posted some great couples....

    Cheryl, yeah, I agree, Keanu and Sandra in Speed is pretty awesome.

    Latesha--you can't beat a classic like Rhett and Scarlett -- there is just something about stairs that will always be romantic with them.

    Diedre -- I loved Buffy too, but I was a Spike fan... (I know, I know, the others side... lol)

    Judy -- I keep telling myself I'm goign to read Pride and Prejudice, but I haven't... :::sigh::

    Martha -- Robin and Marian, yeah, that's a pretty awesome moment.

    Amy -- "There have only been four great kisses..." Yeah, that one is one of the best.

    Afshan--I know how that feels to scream and jump up and down when they finally kiss--I did that with Buffy and Spike.

    Caffey--I'll have to check that book out!

    Lindsey -- I always think about a friend of mine when I think of Dharma and Greg-- because I swear, she acted just like Dharma.

    The winner will be posted soon!


  11. Thanks Johanna for sending me the book, looking forward to reading it!

    Oh love the excerpt!!! Nice and hot!