Monday, January 12, 2009

What the...?

Is it seriously me? Am I that far in the stone-ages or just that far in the country.

You see, we bought an inexpensive computer this weekend, nothing fancy, just one that will work and can be used by the whole family vs my laptop which I've horded for the last couple years for fear someone would crash it and lose all my work (I do keep extensive backups but I'm paranoid LOL) So this will be a good back-up and dependable computer for me and also one the whole family can use.

But it doesn't come with a telephone modem?? What? Seriously. Of course, we didn't find this out until we had it all set up and was trying to hook up to the internet through our dial-up. It has a telephone hook-up in the back and wants to get to the internet but it took me a bit to figure out that the error was because of no dial-tone. So I put in every variation of modem, set up dial-up etc into the computer, looked at tons of dialogue boxes I had no idea what they said, and still couldn't get it to work figuring the computer's internal modem just didn't work--we'd bought a broken computer.

Then my husband read the box. Modem: None.

Yeah, we're real brainers in this family LOL

So we called around and found two types. One that you open your hardrive and install, and the other an external one with a USB. Since the internal one was A LOT cheaper (since we just spent all the money on the actual no-modem computer) my husband bravely said that he could install the little computer board into the harddrive no problem.

Stay tuned to see if I stopped laughing long enough to let him do it. Even these guys know more about computers than he does.

Does your computer have a built in modem, are you lucky enough to be wireless or did you have to do an install too?


  1. Stacey, this is indeed interesting and I'm glad I found your post. See, my sister is on dial-up and she just recently bought a brand new computer. She told me it didn't have a modem either. I think I just went, "hmm", because I couldn't remember if mine came with one or not. Anyway, she took hers to the shop and had one put on.

    but since you've now told me this, I am curious and wondering if this is gonna happen with all of them now! Because my pc has age on it (sssh, if it doesn't know it, maybe it will think it's young and vibrant and keep trucking), and I've already had it into the shop 4 times in its 4 year-old history!! I dread the thoughts of, "you know, time for another one", because I just might wind up like you and be modem-less. Bother, that's such a drag!

    (Lovely blog, btw) :)

  2. Hmm You know, ours does but that's silly. Now we do network ours cause we have cable but I'm sure you can probably buy a computer online that still has it. They do that with Windows XP instead of having Vista. :)

  3. Oh, I know what you're talking about. This computer is about to go to computer heaven, I fear. I figure, oh, okay, it's old for a laptop, we'll just go look at new ones. Well, not go look actually, since I'm pretty happy with Dell and order direct. So it's an act of congress to try to order one that still uses dial up. Hey not all of us live in an area where broadband or whatever is available. And they actually laughed at me when I asked if I could order it with Windows instead of Vista. Anyway, I'm still using the computer that, I fear, will give up the ghost soon. I need to save a little bit more before I order that longed for new computer.

    PS - Remember the prize package you sent me last year? Ummm would you believe I received it Saturday? It looked as if it had gotten trapped between some machines or cogs or something. But the contents is in good shape. I bet you thought I was one rude woman not to say thanks. So, better late than never, THANKS. The little "Imagination is Everything" notebook is too cute.

  4. I bought a new computer in the fall of 2007, and at that point went from dial up to Roadrunner. However, when I ordered the computer from Dell, I insisted that they include a modem for a "what if" situation down the road. The gal thought I was nuts, but I pointed out to her that in retirement there was always the possibility we might move some place that did not have access to a cable connection -- like one of those little towns in the Adirondacks -- and I would need to go the dial up route again. I doubt that will happen, but I like options. There is always something with a computer upgrade!

  5. Gosh, I thought modems were standard equipment? Maybe it's because most people are going with wireless now?

  6. Well, I am glad to hear I'm not the only one.

    Miss Mae, the gentleman at the Staples store where I bought the modem said yes, because of the wireless world, they don't put them into desktops very much anymore--now, he did say laptops still had them

    Anne--yes, I agree...not too impressed with the Vista at all. Geez, I can barely change my name on something and it pops up with a "Do you know them" uh, duh, it's ME! LOL

    OMG CJ! So glad it at least got to you and in relatively good shape LOL. And I don't think you're crazy like they did--I'm with you on the windows thing LOL

    Good going woman to think ahead! ((Wish I had and read the box LOL))

    Yep, LuAnn, we're getting left behind in the wireless world

  7. I had no idea that they sold computers without modems for Internet, my last two computers my son built, so I hope he is around when it is time to upgrade again......because I know nothing about the workings of the computer.

    Good luck on hubby installing the modem for you, you are one brave girl......

  8. No matter what you have in six months the technology is new and our computer is old stuff.
    Remember when there were party lines on the phone? You had to wait your turn with several other neighbors to even use the phone. Now it's obsolete!

  9. Some computers still come with modems, but it's safer to ask.

    As for installation. Well, I will give some suggestions, especially if you live somewhere cold with lots of static electricity. Before, you even touch the innards of any electronic device, ground yourself. Touch the case, wear rubber soled shoes, stand don't sit. Otherwise you could fry something. (This is my professional recommendation. Before writing, I hate to admit this, I was an Electrical Engineer.) Anyway, the actual installation of the hardware should be fairly straightforward. It's the drivers that usually kick your butt, but hopefully since it's a new machine there won't be an issue.

    Good luck!