Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Spring Cleaning the Prize Vault

Is there honestly anything better than a fresh clean room! (Okay, maybe one you didn't have to slug and mod and dust and clean yourself LOL)

What is the one thing you would LOVE someone else to spring clean for you? (Mine is the bathroom and I wish they would come in once a week to do that LOL)
So, I was spring cleaning out the promo boxes and it's about time I got rid of some thing....lucky for you!
Anyone who comments today will get their name in a draw for a relax pack to relieve the stress and aching muscles of spring cleaning. Relax back against the bath pillow, scrub away the dust and dirt and then lose yourself in a good book!

Oh, and I found something cool in my boxes for the grand prize winner of the A Tisket, A Tasket Blog extravaganza. This is what I'll be sending to them...a DAY/NIGHT Journal. One side to write your daytime thoughts and flip it over to write up those sensual night-time dreams!

Want in on the grand prize package donated by a good number of blog-hopping authors? All you have to do is follow the blog links--you can find where to start at the beginning of my April posts....and if you're already on the path, your next stop will be tomorrow [29th] at http://www.annecarrole.blogspot.com/.
Good luck and happy cleaning!

I'll be announcing todays winner of the on tomorrows blog!


  1. I am not one for spring cleaning. I tend to make a bigger mess than when I started:) I am such a pack rat over winter time, by spring you can't hardly move through the house. I like to air the house out for spring, but I hate to do windows!! Can someone come do my windows??

  2. Relax? What's that?
    Maybe I need to win this prize so I can find out!


  3. Beautiful Stacy! I love those bath scrubbers! (Thats what I call them) LOL. They are great.

  4. Sorry to pop in here late Stacy. I was inspired by your postand spring cleaned away some clutter yesterday. Where does it all come from?

  5. Exactly Hywela...where does it all come from!! Seriously LOL.

  6. The one thing I don't like about spring: Spring cleaning. Sure, I feel better after. But I am not looking forward to the process :)