Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Awesome Review!!!

Reviews are coming in and they've been praising Finding Their Way Back--three brand new, never been read before stories of Wayback, Texas!! Including mine!!!!

From Mistress Bella Reviews:

I enjoyed all three of these stories. I love anthologies and the way they all tie together somehow, but tell a story all there own. The authors all did a great job with keeping a common theme. Under a Rodeo Moon was such a touching story. I loved the characters so much in this story. I was really happy with the ending that they got. After the Rodeo was another great read. I loved the overall plot with this story. But my favorite was One Starlight Night. I just felt so involved with this story. I felt like I was watching a movie, the details, descriptions and facts were so vivid and real. And ladies…and some men…who doesn’t love a cowboy? If you do, than this is an anthology you must check out.


When Elizabeth O'Leary meets up with the cowboy she's been avoiding for over two years, she doesn't know whether to trust her heart or her head. One tells her Grey Wulfsen just might be The One, the other tells her it doesn’t matter because he'll never forgive her when he finds out what she took away with her on that one starlit night.

Available now from The Wild Rose Press!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mamawriters Fun Family Activity!

I'm over at today telling about a hilariously fun family activity I did with my boys last week.

They got to come into my storytelling world while I drove into their sports world LOL. Come on over and see!!