Thursday, March 25, 2010

Finding Me

It's hard, you know--finding things like a new spring purse or new blog template that is 'you.'

I wanted something fresh, a little funky-artsy yet homey and inviting enough for readers to come back too. I kinda like this one but who knows, it may change over the course of the day or the week as I procrastinate every once in a while on what needs to be done to surf the web LOL.

As for the purse, I did find that last night. Something that can handle all my junk but is funky, bright and reflects Spring--which is good because the sight outside my home-office window today doesn't. BUT let me tell you one thing, never go purse shopping with three males. Yes, silly me looked while with the family shopping for rainboots and mud-pants for the boys--big mistake. I'm surprised they didn't just whither away right there on the spot LOL. I'm not a overly girlie girl so I don't do a lot in the makeup/perfume section, jewelry, clothes etc but I do seasonally like a new purse especially in the spring. They just don't get it.

Is there something you love but is best to go shopping for without the peanut gallery?

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