Monday, March 22, 2010


is going by
so much faster than I...

Our family loves Nickleback and that just seemed an appropriate line for me lately. No matter how much I try to get done, even on the days when I can sit down at the end of the night feeling that I did accomplish something, within days, time has bypassed me again and the piles grow--piles of laundry, pile of dishes, pile of manuscripts, pile of notes for other manuscipts etc. All to the point that I feel guilty if I take a little time out for myself--the whole time I think I should be doing something else, trying to get caught up or, if lucky, ahead of schedule (rarely).

Still, I welcome the days like today where I actually get some things completed to a point where I feel content and get to sit and wait impatiently for my boys to get home from school, to hear about their day and spend some good quality time with them...because, especially where children are concerned, Time moves VERY fast and pretty soon ol' mom won't be so important when afterschool sports, friends and...eye roll...girls come along LOL.

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