Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Weekend Getaway for Parents

Remember when your relationship/marriage was younger and you actually took occasional weekend getaways with your partner--long walks, candelight dinners and some special 'couple' time LOL.

Now, our weekend getaways (which are very few and far between) involve bowling or baseball tournaments, McDonalds and long walks to keep the other child busy while the first is playing their sport.

I am proud to say that my youngest son made the provincials with his partner in the PeeWee division of bowling. Since it was also his birthday weekend (and my husband was unable to get Toronto Maple Leaf tickets like he'd hoped {but to which our bank account is thankful}) and it was a bit of a distance away, we decided to get a hotel room overnight. We lucked out with a good deal and a pool! Right there made the whole weekend for the family LOL--yes, we're very simple people LOL. The beds, however were about four feet off the ground. Being a little on the shorter side myself, the boys and I had to jump for it every time we wanted to get on. My husband was the only who simple had to climb. I put chairs on either side of the boys' bed because I was afraid they'd break something if they happened to accidently hoof the other out of bed during the night as they're not used to sharing a bed.

My youngest came out #15 out of 16 teams but he had fun--and we had a great family weekend and that's all that counts anyway, right!

And since it was Earth Hour and the lights were out, then you can sort of count that as stealing a bit of a romantic setting for the parents too.

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