Sunday, April 11, 2010

BICHOKing Today

Yep, gotta get some serious work done and since I've moved the other computer to the better side of the desk, lets hope it works. I'm still working on my next Noelle Christmas story and it's turning out longer than planned--which in this case isn't a problem as it gives me more time to delve into Holly's lack of Christmas cheer. The hero, Rev, knows where she's coming from but isn't sure he can bring her around--don't worry, the eccentric town is helping LOL.

Length of story is an interesting thing--for me, usually the characters decide when the story ends. I've often planned it but then they surprise me and things change, shorter/longer sometimes I never know until the end. Attempting to try my hand at catagory again will be different as I will have to make sure the word count fits the line but that the story also fits the length. The first draft is always fun to find out how much more I have to play with or how much I need to tighten up.

Oh and youngest and his team placed fifth in their bowling tournament this weekend!

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