Thursday, April 1, 2010

Field Trip!

That's what I call anything (other than going to the outside job) that gets me out of the house and home office for a little while.

Today is exciting because the destination is HOME DEPOT! Who says only men can grunt when excited to go there.

We put in a bathroom upstairs and it's been basically a frame with a toilet and sink since September. Over the past month, we've painted and put up this tilish panelling and today I get to go get the materials for shelves and a little cabinet that I'll be making for it (to hide all the pipes etc)

Now, you know by now of my sportsaholic boys (yes, that includes the biggest one) so I somehow got suckered into making this a 'sports' bathroom as it's upstairs where the 'sportsroom' is. Don't get any fantasies of grandeur though, we live in an old farm house with a very small upstairs--all with small rooms and slanted roofs. The 'sportsroom' basically squishes all my husbands memorabilia on the walls and a chair, futon and 19" Tv. If we ever win the millions, boy does he have plans LOLOLOL.

As for the bathroom, it had to be blue and white for most of their teams are such. I'll paint a few logos on the walls, hang some hockey cards up etc and they'll all be thrilled. Meanwhile, I'm just happy because no longer do I have to treck all the way downstairs in the middle of the night in the FREEZING winters LOL.

I'll post pictures of the themed rooms when we're done.

So, I'm off to be DYI lady today!! (because sometimes it's just easier to do it yourself than wait for your husband to get around to it LOL)


  1. Sounds great - I bet the boys will love it. You're such a creative mama :).

  2. Jane! So good to hear from you! LOL thanks, sometimes we have to be don't we LOL