Monday, April 5, 2010

Hopping Along

Sorry, couldn't resist as we're at the end of a busy Easter Weekend and everyone is staring at a beautiful early spring with the weather we've been having at least.

My sportsaholics are excited because today is the first day of Baseball season and, not only is their Toronto Blue Jays team is playing, but it's a holiday from school so they will get to watch the game.

As for me, I got more of the new bathroom worked on and have taken my DYI tendancy to plan out a new shelving unit for the laundryroom--now I just have to wait until the next payday for another field trip to Home Depot LOL.

On the writing front, I've pushed past the block on the next Noelle story (I dunno, maybe it was the sunshine LOL) and am working avidly on it to get it done. I've got so much lined up waiting to be written that it's nice to finally get a move on with this one so I can do so. I'm not good at the initial writing of more than one at a time although I have before and will if deadlines start crunching in. If they are in different stages like initial draft and final drafts, that's not so bad.

Other than that, I'm planning to head out into the sunshine later with my little laptop and see how much more progress I can make in both writing and my work.

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